The Murmur Email Newsletter


Just received my first one of these - nice and newsy (for a newbie anyway) if a little short. How often do these get sent? R-


Thanks Roger, I think the aim is to send these monthly. Glad you enjoyed the contents!


Enjoyed the email too. More soon please :email:


@JamesPratley note, Gmail classified this email as Spam. I just retrieved it now after reading this thread.

I’ve flagged it as “not spam” but thought I’d mention it in case there are any tweaks you can make next time to prevent the likes of Gmail from incorrectly flagging it.


Same here, also with Gmail. Thought I was missing out at first. Hopefully if we all flag as “not spam”, it’ll find its way into the inbox in the future


Possibly, though often it’s little cues in the email that trigger this.


Thanks that’s good for us to know!


My gmail allowed it through :thinking:


Ditto - straight through. R-


If that’s the case, it’s more likely to be the mail client you are using (Mac mail, Outlook etc).


Mac mail here. R-


Thanks for flagging this @danmullen @Parker , it went to my ‘primary’ tab in gmail so I wouldn’t have noticed! I’ll investigate.


I can’t see this anywhere in my email! Spam or otherwise. Did it get sent to everyone?


@Doony68 the email wasn’t sent to customers with unverified email addresses, nor to business-only account holders, so you might fall into one of those two groups?


Why wasn’t this sent to business only customers?
Seems like a two-tiered system.
Not only can I not (yet) have a personal account because I signed up for the business one first, but now we don’t get the emails!

I may be feeling a bit sore about the lack of ability to open a personal account.
I still note there is nothing on the website do highlight this point to new business customers @JamesPratley


We’re working on our business emails at the moment I believe. Sorry about that @Doony68


@JamesPratley would have to find a businesslike way of putting it as a representative of Starling, but i can be blunt. Some people on here were moaning rather loudly that there had been too much focus on the business side of Starling across social channels and marketing in the months following the launch of the business accounts, so they’re now seemingly splitting things up, theres a new Starling For Business twitter for example, so the original one can focus on personal accounts… anything for an easier life and all… :wink:

While i agree it could be highlighted more, it does say on the FAQs for business accounts this;

I opened a Business account, why can’t I open a Personal account?

We’re working hard to make this available within the next few months.

and people really should read FAQs when they’re opening a banking product, so it is a bit caveat emptor now. Which is not to say i don’t sympathise completely with your situation as it obviously wasnt said anywhere then.


I feared for the rest of the post when I got to here :joy:

But well explained!


That’s right, we’ll be building out our communications with all customers over the coming months. And we value you all! @Doony68


@l8n_me I agree totally.
It’s a big bear of mine and I’m looking forward to moving my personal account when I get the opportunity.
As for the emails, again it makes sense, and I kind of assumed that would be the reason; but without comms it’s good to get it clarified. I’m already following the Business twitter account.