The death of cash?


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All Charges for Paying by Card to be Banned

I personally vary rarely use cash. However, for some things it’s unavoidable. As an example, I live in a small village where the occupants are ‘above average age’. As such, places like the hairdresser, butcher, cafe and chippy don’t accept cards. It’s far easier to withdraw cash on the walk to use them, also keeping the money in the village, than it is to drive 15 minutes each way and struggle to park just to avoid cash.

I therefore don’t see us becoming totally cashless for a while, despite loving the idea of it happening.

My method of payment, in order is usually:

  • Android Pay using my watch/phone
  • Card if contactless not accepted
  • Cash


Working in the capital I rarely use cash as card payments allow more effective tracking of my spending. My preferred method of payment is Starling card on Android Pay via my smartwatch as it’s quick and convenient.


I’m in the same place @Masquerade - I use Android Pay for nearly all of my transactions, very rarely I use my card where AP isn’t accepted over £30 and I use cash less than once per month! That said, I work in London and live in a town, nearly everywhere takes contactless.


I don’t see this happening soon, there are still many people that use cash for everyday use and are unlikely to change. People are also still paid in cash, there are lots of things to take into consideration from things like selling at the car boot, that late night poker game, trying to win the jackpot in the pub gambler, going to skeggy for weekend to play in the amusement arcade the list goes on. Getting all that changed would be a mammoth task, I’ll be looking dead and buried before we see a cashless society if ever


I could quite easily live without cash. I rarely carry it. £10 withdrawn from the cash point for those essential times only Cash is taken can sometimes last me 2-3 weeks. Even if I owe friends for something we just transfer to each other most of the time.


Yep, this has become just so easy.


I do think it’s a little bit naughty of Starling in the blog post to discuss PayM as an option for transferring money between friends when they don’t actually support it though…


…it may be that they working on it and will launch it soon!?


Personally I never carry cash and actively avoid merchants who don’t accept cards. Often when I pay at local businesses (who are the most impacted by card fees) I offer to pay via Faster Payments instead - most don’t understand or don’t bother but at the very least I’ve tried.

Card payments help me budget a lot better and are just easier to carry (or don’t need to be carried at all, with mobile payments like Apple Pay).

At the moment the only cash business I pay is my local fish & chips, mainly because he’s letting me pay in bulk, so I only have to bother going at the ATM once a week or so, but even then my long-term strategy is to get him onto Faster Payments as well. :smiling_imp:


Lol! How often must you be eating there to ‘pay in bulk’ and have an account with him? I hope they’re good fish and chips!


I can just imagine the reply in my chipshop if I propose to pay by Faster Payment for £1.60 worth of chips :wink:


My local fish and chip van that comes round every Wednesday even takes AMEX. I was over the moon when i found out- don’t have to get cash plus get rewards points.


I used to have cash just to pay for lunch at work - and just that.
Now they’ve finally introduced card payments about 2 weeks ago.
The first time I paid by apple pay there was lots of laughs and looks, however now everyone is used to it and you see lots of people paying by contactless cards and quite a few paying by apple pay.

Haven’t touched a note in over 2 weeks now, lol.


I work for an extremely large IT company. In the canteen at HQ, just outside London, they have the facility to take cards. The weird thing is they will only take card payments if the cash machine in the canteen is out of order. How crazy is that?

There are always massive queues for the cash machine. Luckily for me the machine doesn’t accept Starling cards, so I avoid them. However, the canteen still won’t let me pay by card as the “Cash machine working, so no card payments” rule prevails. Annoying if I forgot to get cash on the way there and means they are losing out on a minimum of £5 that I would have spent.


it is not crazy as they make more money that way


Pay for fish & chips via FP? I doubt my local knows what a FP is :rofl:


An old bank of mine (Yorkshire) name and shame used to charge you for physically going into a branch to withdraw cash if the cash machine outside was working


To be honest this fish & chips shop is nothing - I remember back when I was working in Rugby (little village in Warwickshire, not the sport) I had a wholesale account with the local off license shop - I was spending roughly 400£/month on drinks and snacks and stuff. :joy:


With a proper app like Starling, Faster Payments are really easy (once you get past adding the payee for the first time) and take maybe 10 seconds so if both parties agree I’d say it’s as good as a card payment (maybe better even, as it can’t be charged back). :+1: