The best thing about my new Starling card


Just got back to UK and Starling card was waiting for me on doormat.

All up and running. The best bit being the presentation and the complete absence of a large globule of stubbornly sticky glue holding the plastic card to a sheet of paper!

Thank you for that! It’s a good start :+1:


Welcome Johnny! Glad you’re liking Starling so far :blush:


Welcome aboard, there’s plenty more little things (and some big) that separate Starling from the legacy bank’s and all of it put together is creating a bank account that for me is truly easy and a pleasure to use.

Wait until you see how easy it is budgeting compared to other banks and how live notifications work. :slight_smile:


I still have the box my card came in. Amazing. I have to hold back from telling people though. They will think I am even more of a geek than I actually am if I start going on about the amazing envelope!


Just got my card… I have been sat here pulling and pushing my card in and out… Snazzy presentation


I’ve not seen many other posts get 12 :heart:️. :grinning:


It’s brilliant :smile: