That tweet


Did anyone else just see the tweet Starling put out?

Are we seeing an Android Pay announcement/release tomorrow? :robot:

Gets overly excited

Tap, Pay & Go with Starling on Android Pay

It would make the most sense I think if it were android pay.


Heres hoping it is indeed Android Pay. :slight_smile:


Android Pay is coming guys


Hopefully itll actually launch tomorrow and not just be a video on how easy it is to set up!

Just because Im away on holiday on Thursday so would be handy to have!


Excellent news for Starling android users, must admit I find Apple Pay invaluable


Look at the list of banks Must have auto updated at midnight.

(Doesnt work yet though! Just tried to add my card!)


Good spot! :slight_smile:


Good investigating and find lol


Just tried to add my card and it wont let you, Android Pay, says invalid card :frowning:


@mozzauk dont think youll find that Starling have officially announced yet. But think will later and maybe they need to turn it on.


Successfully added to android pay - at last!

Android Pay Declined

I know @Gallifreyangirl , but no harm in trying :slight_smile:

Just tried now @bte and all worked :slight_smile:


Just gonna pop this one here


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