TfL/Travel Intergration


I would find TfL journey information, such as the date of travel for a charge and where travelled to and from in Starlings transaction details and map useful.

Extra features like quick links for “Delay Repay” with other train operators including some of the information that Starling would have such as the dates and times pre-filled would be great too.

Although not a critical feature; I can see this being a real killer feature for Londoners and a really good selling point.

TfL Contactless
TfL travel (yeah a bit Londoncentric, but may apply to others...)

Absolutely! I’m of the same opinion. Monzo do this really well and it’s really useful to know on what day the travel charge relates to. As some get compounded onto one day and then separating it out gets tricky.


I would absolutely love to have that !!!


What is happening with this Starling?
I appreciate TfL travel is not easy for instant notifications because I have seen similar threads on Monzo’s community, but I have heard no mention of this from Starling?
I used my card at London Bridge and got a 10p notification from Starling and then when I swiped out at my home station, nothing. When I clicked on the 10p transaction, there was no notice or advise from Starling to explain how TfL work. When using Monzo’s card, each TfL spending transaction has a link attached from Monzo which upon clicking, pops up a message explaining whats happening etc.
Apparently Monzo are also trying to fix this issue with TfL so the notifications are improved and want to add delay repay and also make it easier for customers who are due a refund or didn’t tap out. Which is extremely convenient and making customers lives easier which is what technology and mobile banking is all about!
What is Starling doing in this area? Please help @sarah.guha @JamesPratley


This would be an absolutely great feature.


Yeah definitely, it would make life a LOT easier!


Hi everyone! I believe this is being looked into. Currently 10p shows up to show that TfL has authorised your card. TfL then charges your account at a later time (usually next morning) depending on how much you travelled on that day. Hope that makes sense? I’ll put forward the idea of explaining TfL transactions for clearly inside the app! :slight_smile:


Thanks @JamesPratley , that would be great. an explanation of TfL transactions inside the app would explain the situation to people and stop them blaming Starling! Plus any fixes Starling can do and anything with delay replay or refunds would be fantastic! :smiley:


Hi SB,
Loving using the bank!
Wondered if there was a way to date when we spend on travel.
As I’m self employed I have to account for travel to/from meetings. It would be great that you could add the date travel took place as well as the day you take the money out as you currently do.

Monzo (:wink:) do this and it’s really easy for me to see whether its work or personal because the date is there. Where as with SB it says I “spent” today but it was spent yesterday. When I do my tax/HMRC reports at the end of each month I want it as easy as possible!

Would that be possible ever?

Best wishes,


Hey @Abigiggles, welcome to the Starling forum! Glad to hear you’re enjoying using the app :blush:

It sounds like you might be referring to the notes function in the Monzo app?

We’ve had a number of customers request this so it’s on the list of requested features👍

As you’re no doubt aware, TFL finalises the total amount anywhere from 24 to 72 hours after the travel actually occurred which is the reason you’re seeing transactions appear later than the day of travel.


Monzo show the date of actual travel, so today I was charged £2.40 for my travel yesterday. I didn’t have to update the notes.


Thanks but that hasn’t happened with me. I’ve done one trip into London Zone 4-1 today, however, SB has said I spent £11.90 at 02:55 today (only spend on travel on this card do everything else on Mondo), which most likely happened yesterday when I did the same journey into and back out of zone 1.

You might not want to update notes but I do. :wink:. Actually, I don’t get what you’ve shown. Are you on Apple? I’m on android…


Thanks for your reply.
Don’t mind when you report what’s spent based on TFL, think it would be helpful to know when it was spent.
I would like to have what r1biker has, showing date of travel.
I don’t get that. I get money spent relating to a previous date and the time it clears usually 02:00ish in the morning and the amount spent doesn’t relate to the journey taken…


Ah thanks for the screenshot; I have a clearer sense of what was meant now and will pass this idea on to the team !


Sorry r1biker read that totally wrong. Thought you were saying you got that from SB! My bad.
Your screenshot is exactly what I get from my Mondo account and which I wish SB would do. *goes to sit in naughty corner… *:wink:


Mondo, what’s Mondo :wink:


Ha. :wink: Stop picking on me! You know Monzo was once Mondo. Can you tell I need a holiday? Thank god I’m going on Friday, (the only reason I got am SB card, ahem).


Only joking, hence the smilely emoji.


No worries. I was just trying to show what you were talking about from Monzo.

I assume Starling get the same data as Monzo do, just don’t do anything with it, so hopefully it can be a quick fix to add the travel date to transactions.


Hungry and tired, makes me crap human! :smiley: