Tesco Pay @ Pump


Went to use Tesco pay at pump today except it didn’t work - it said the card was not accepted and to try alternative card or pay at kiosk - however because of the instant notification, I got the £1.00 authorised notification.

Perhaps a bug here? Authorising but not letting me take fuel. Assuming it won’t re-evaluate the cost at a later time as I never took fuel and had to pay at kiosk too.


Interesting, have you pinged Tesco about this? It could be they need to update their systems to recognise Starling.


I’ve tweeted them - just seems odd. I’ve used P@P perfectly fine before with Starling. Not sure where the issue lies, assuming with Tesco as it authorised but wouldn’t let me take fuel.

Although shows how great Starling concept is, had this been a legacy bank, I would never have known until bank statement!


This is odd, but seems to be an isolated case for that particular Pay At Pump. That authorisation should be reversed and the money should be back in your account in 7-10 days maximum, usually faster. Hope that helps! :fuelpump:


Thanks James! Odd one - hopefully just a one off!