Technical issue, 3 accounts not functioning: HELP


Thanks Nick and I will, I just wish someone from the bank would talk to me


Rumpole of the bailey I am not, but I have worked for banks and financial institutions for 30 years and the bain of my life is once a year completing all the anti money laundering training.

Ok, so you are the unluckiest person alive who has suffered a technical issue (do you not think that is strange as the only way to bank with Starling is App only that no one else has suffered the same ‘technical’ problem it would seem and you have, you’ve just been unlucky, not on one account, not even two but three!).

I have seen this time and time again, just google ‘accounts frozen money laundering’ you’ll find people the length and breadth of the country with similar ‘technical’ issues, locked out of their accounts for weeks.

I have no idea if that is what is happening here, but you see on here on a regular basis people with issues, Starling reply and generally it’s solved pretty quickly. By your own admission ‘the bank won’t talk to me’…


Thanks for the not so veiled accusation Andrew and condescending tone, duly noted. I too have been round the block and my experience tells me that normally in these circumstances the bank refuse to say anything, merely that an account is blocked or frozen with no further information. In this instance, with my case they have categorically stated in writing and verbally that there is a technical issue, related to clients with business and personal accounts. Why would they spin me a yarn rather than stonewalling, makes no sense whatsoever.


I’m not accusing you of anything, just putting it up as a possibility as to why the issue, that a suspicion may have been raised (99% of which turn out to be just that, suspicion). Apology if it has come across like that (I thought I was sharing the pun about rumpole of the bailey).

I’ve known two people in the last 3 months have exactly the same issue as you (not with Starling TBF) both times it was 4-5 weeks until resolved and one the bank as you rightly say said nothing, the other made numerous ‘technical issue’ excuses.

If this is truly a technical issue in the ‘IT’ sense of the word then I suggest we all run for the hills! And again I’m surprised no one else with personal and business accounts have suffered the same issue? (Unless they don’t know about this place so haven’t posted)…


Anything is possible, but if the bank has any suspicions they should ask for clarification which I would willingly provide, having this amount of money tied up for so long and having to deal with the knock on effects has been frustrating, demoralising and stressful in a time when I had enough to deal with.