Tax Statements


I looked around to see if anyone has done this, I need the gross value of my interest so I can work out if I owe tax or not but there isn’t an easy way to do this.

I can see two ways to do this:
1 - have a UK tax statement option
2 - have the ability to show a category for a 12 month period. I could categorise my interest received and get the 12 month sum of that.

At the moment I had to go through each month to work out how much interest I received and add it all up manually.

If anyone knows a better way to do this, let me know (for next year!).


Heya @nackie99!

Right now the easiest way is to get in touch with us; we will then generate a PDF tax statement and send it to you. We have had a few suggestions to implement this as a feature under the ‘Statements’ section of the app :grinning:


Hi @LoganAllan

I’ve done it for this year but would be useful for next time! I would definitely vote for that feature.


It would also be good to have a Charity Donations category so we can provide this total figure each year on our tax returns.


Great idea! I’ll add it to the list :+1:t3:


charity donations and gift aids is the most annoying part of the self assessment for me


My monthly interest is about 19p, so i’m not too fussed about working out the tax implications!!!


I think HMRC would beg to differ on that one if you have to self-assess


Am I right in assuming that interest is paid gross?


I found a neat way to do it on the IOS app, hopefully the same on Android.

Go to the account button in the top right corner, choose “Account Management” -> Statements and there you can choose and “Interest” tab and view all your overdraft and credit interest for the year.


yes, the same is available for android users @LoganAllan mentioned it on the first reply.

What we don’t have yet is a report for charity donations

and @LoganAllan agrees!


@alejandro.mery he hadn’t mentioned the interest tab, just the monthly export feature so it could be new since then.

Now just need to have it all linked into the brand new HMRC public self-assessment API’s!