Tasker integration


Are there any plans of Tasker integration for the Android version of Starling? Thanks.


I’d be interested to hear what you would want Tasker to do within Starling.


Mainly I’d like the balance available as a variable to display on my home screen using KLWP. To be honest with you I’ve not even received my card yet so I don’t know whether I could do this by pulling info from notifications.

I’d also like to be able to have an automatically updating tally of how much I’ve spent in certain categories per day/4 week period with preset alarms.

My initial aim is to use Starling to help me budget (and a full switch if that goes well) so anything else I could think of that would help with that. There’s always something else to do with Tasker. :slight_smile:



Sounds good!

I wouldn’t expect that Starling would build Tasker integration directly but I’m guessing Tasker (or someone who knows a lot about Tasker) could build in some functionality using Starling’s API (https://developer.starlingbank.com/).

I haven’t played with Tasker for years, I might have to give it a re-download!