“Tap anywhere to continue”


Seen this now in goals.


Add this on to the security thing. Tap to get in, pin, password, tap to carry on.

Why can’t it just carry on without the incessant need to tap it. :roll_eyes:

Also noticed when it takes you out to approve access to images it kicks you out of what you were doing when you go back.

The app is so needy.

It’s a shame because there’s bits of brilliance like Apple Pay setup and having the card within the app. But it’s ruined by stupid qwerks that should have long been ironed out now.

I also think it’s pretty frustrating there’s a market place so I can have an electronic receipt for eat (useful :neutral_face:) which have what x2 shops outside of the London area and goals which is less functional then setting up a savings account elsewhere (no sto/dd to automatically collect) it just has the option to add a picture.

Yet still no second account.

I didn’t take my monzo signup for current account not wanting to change cards another two times and be without apple Pay.
Plus I wanted to give starling a good try.

But in 18 or so months of living with monzo in beta it’s been pretty much flawless to use. Compared to a couple of months of starling which has been at times a bit irritating and annoying for exactly this type of pointless interaction.


I agree that when opening the app, having typed the 4 digit pin correctly the app should open without us having to hit the enter button.



Saving goal “test” was successfully updated

Tap anywhere to continue:rage:


Thanks Lee, @ben.chisell’s team is reviewing user feedback


I don’t find it a pain to hit the enter button after putting in my pin.
I read people’s comments about wanting this and wanting that, Bank A offers xyz Bank B are great because of … Starling needs to do this and that.

Why not congratulate Starling with what they have achieved so far, I am sure the app will in time get much better.

If people don’t like it or think it had too many flaws , there are plenty of other banks out there !


You’ve nailed it there, I wanted to post this earlier too as the forum is getting pretty moany over petty things.

I agree, we should be congratulating Starling for everything they’ve implemented so far, given that it has been such a short time too! They’re still in Beta afterall (yes, this isn’t well publicised), yes there are teething problems, but they’ve come a long way in a very short time. Legacy banks have had years upon years (10 years, conservatively) to perfect their app user experience, some apps were rubbish to start with (looking at you, Halifax) and some are still rubbish (Santander :grimacing:), but just think how good the Starling UX will be in 5 years, in half the time the legacy banks have taken. Hell, I’d go as far as saying they’re more than halfway there already!

As I said in a previous post though, I guess it’s all down to personal preference (and opinion!)


Starling have done a great job. I love the app and the service they offer.

I don’t see a problem with suggesting enhancements though - that what this section of the forum is for.

Hopefully any suggestions come across as helpful, not moany! :smiley:



And there’s nothing wrong with a moan at times either, to be fair. But sometimes it does seem over the most trivial of things.

Things like the transaction reference on iOS not storing, now that’s a big one. That directly affects functionality and usefulness and I believe the devs are working hard to implement this… But it has been dragging on. In addition,some of the chat support team could really be doing with a refresher course on customer service at times. Again, directly affecting user experience and could lead to people ditching Starling and going back to their legacy bank if not satisfied.

Again, it’s all personal preference and opinion, but when @michael_gill posted his thoughts, I tended to agree with him!

They’ve done a great, job in a very short space of time! I’m excited to see where it ends up!


My experience, too.

I gave lots of positive feedback on the process for setting up a payee. Starling listened to that feedback, I’m not sure if they’ve looked at the (legacy) competition but all of it that I’ve used is superior. I’m looking forward to Starling nailing this in the near future.

My feeling about the app is that it’s been put together with little or no usability testing. I’m hoping the usability of the app will go from strength to strength, too.

This is a great point. It’s an opportunity for Starling to stand on the shoulders of giants rather than invent wheels.


Feedback is so valuable to us - good and bad! We are taking onboard your comments and you will have seen we have made some changes already. As you can imagine though, at the pace we want to add new features for you this does leave us with a prioritisation conundrum – do we build a new feature or do we optimise and iron out bugs? We have to balance it…

A couple of examples,

In September we launched Android Pay and the Marketplace with Flux as our first integration. Alongside that we made updates to understand your tax responsibilities, and changed the way you lock and unlock your card for different types of payment (based on feedback).

Over the last 6-8 weeks we have been delivering Goals - a brand new feature, but alongside that we have been upgrading the payments experience on iOS based on your feedback, and making updates to improve the experience for those customers who moved a Direct Debit to us as part of a switch and experienced some issues with the transfer (again based on feedback).

So all of your comments are being logged and we will address the UX issues or irritations one by one in due course. We know the usability of some areas of the app can be improved, and we are working hard to update older areas of the app so it’s easier for you to use and navigate. One of our challenges has been, and always will be, how to allow you to access and navigate all of the services you have traditionally had a available to you on a desktop screen, on a mobile … and also deliver new features. It’s jam packed!


A really great thread - honesty and realism all in one place !

The pace has been exhausting these past few weeks as Sarah points out.

Thanks Team…:grinning: