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Just letting the community know that I have received an email from Tail Cashback that it is “now open to Starling users.”


iOS only at this stage though.

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And only any use if you live / work in London


@mozzauk yes, I noted that too. It seems odd, doesn’t it, that they are London centric? I wonder if the plan is for them to scale - otherwise, I would question why they are on the Starling marketplace as this rules out those of us not living/working in London. I do go there on business occasionally, so I suppose I may use it then (and when they MAKE IT AVAILABLE ON ANDROID).


I’ve been setup with Tail a few weeks now (not used yet) looks great - will give it a go soon.


I take it you’re London based, @Joe_Merriman? Yes, it looks great. Hopefully it will creep North at some point! Cheers.


20 Minutes from London. Hopefully it will roll our across the country and get lots more companies on board.


They say on the app that they are aiming to move further than London.

Most start ups will be this way, just the way the UK is set up. The Old Street area in London is the silicon valley of the UK (I believe it’s known as the silicon roundabout haha).


According to Twitter, Tail will arrive on Google Play on October the 16th… https://twitter.com/TailOffers/status/914877638388436997


Still no sign of it expanding beyond London though :disappointed:


I know. Both of the marketplace offerings are very London centric. Would be nice to get something the rest of us can use.


This is what frustrates me with a lot of companies. The rest of the UK exists yet they limit themselves and that has a negative impact as to how they’re viewed later. Monzo v Tandem is a prime example too, Monzo got out and did roadshows in major cities whereas Tandem sit on their hands and make people come to their London office


But to be fair, Tail have expressed a willingness to expand their service. Early days, methinks.


Likewise with Flux who are currently working on adding more merchants.


It would just be nice if Starling could make encouraging a non London-centric company to integrate with their API a priority. It must be seriously limiting the testing potential of their current user base?


Exactly Dave, it’s how it looks that then puts people off. I totally appreciate it’s early days and all but if you’re put off from the start how many people go back to it later?


Thanks for posting Thom, thats right we are coming to Android on the 16th!

Also, for that week we are giving away 100 portions of chicken strips at Mother Clucker’s! Keep an eye out for the giveaway in app. If you have not tried their fried chicken get ready to have your mind…blown.

P.S. if anyone here wants to get access to the Android app early just send me an email (harley@tail.at)


Also, I see allot of comments about us being London based and for this we apologise. We are aiming to break out of London as soon as possible next year!


Hey, just a quick FYI one of our partners EatFirst just went nationwide: https://twitter.com/TailOffers/status/918084508146126848, you are able to get 25% off anywhere in the country via the Tail app.


I think it’s the opposite. When over 10% of the UK population is in London it’s a “quick win” for a start-up :frowning:


I’m not keen on sharing that much information with a third party to be honest. Privacy alarm bells are ringing!