Tablet vs Phone App


So, I just use Starling on my (i)Phone and I’ve not set it up on my iPad yet.
But I loaded up the app on the iPad and it looks like it’s exactly the same app - just doubled in size to better fit the screen. If I’m wrong though - let me know!

If Starling were to produce a ‘dedicated’ tablet app (for iPad, Andriod tablets and even Windows 10 ones) what changes do you think it would be worth making for take advantage of the larger screen size?

For example - having the Pulse and the recent spending info showing at the same time?

Maybe in the Spending section have the categories/merchants entries also showing the other info (so - in Merchants, have an icon next to each entry to symbolise the categories and in Categories split it down into Merchants?)

Is there anything else?

Once spending goals are launched, the extra screen real-estate on the tablet might be useful as well.


I would just be very happy if the app would play nicely with the various screen possibilities out there, namely:

  • Cope with landscape orientation on my iPad, dispensing with the hideous iPhone ‘emulation mode’

  • Cope with the slightly smaller iPhone SE screen height (words and sentences are truncated with no scroll bars). The app was obviously coded for the larger height of the iPhone 6/7

That said, I think I would prefer to see additional functionality (i.e. goals and budgeting) added. Once the clever developers have got good reliable functionality hard-baked in the product, then maybe look at streamlining the UX.


What I wouldn’t give for this to work on a tablet. It seems most people do not want to develop integration with tablets


I would rather a web interface was developed to provide a backup method of managing finances. This is the single thing that will stop me from moving to Starling as my primary current account. If I did not have access to my mobile for whatever reason then I’m completely without the ability to manage my finances. This only needs to happen once in an emergency situation - eg to transfer money for travel in order for a customer to lose complete faith in Starling/mobile only banking. The whole idea of mobile banking is excellent when everything works but the test is when things arn’t working - is there a fallback available? Not being able to access/manage your money is critical.


I think @Henry_Lee makes an important point above.

I for one cannot use Starling as a primary / sole medium for current account traffic. I have one contract 'phone and would have a hard time getting another one (budget) if I lost it to either idiocy on my part or someone else’s.

Some might say ‘Well, then Starling’s not for you’ but I think there’ll be many who would only be fully onboard if they could see a fallback.

I’d personally like to see a web portal (OS-independent, so not a Win 10 app) but I know people have raised red flags about this in another thread.

Re. a tablet app - at least this would mean that, even on my lousy budget, I could conjure a low-end device from somewhere to keep for emergency access.

Starling is absolutely fantastic, but…


Forgive me if I am reading your post wrong, but, I use the Starling app on an iPad and it works very well.
So the Andriod app should work on an Android tablet I would have thought.


Hi Ken - haven’t tried, but I was assuming @ScouseYeti had…


@philby You can ‘use’ it, but it is an iPhone version of the app and is effectively 2x zoomed and is horrid to use, I am more thinking of a dedicated iPad app that is scaled to size and makes use of the extra real estate (Sorry @KenTheakstone I should have been a bit more clear).


Not bothered about having a web interface as never use it. But like the idea of a tablet app.


Apologies everyone above - I think my post went off-piste into the nature of a platform-independent Starling fallback, away from your discussion about exactly how the app is rendered on tablets!


I’m an iOS developer in my spare time and am currently wrestling trying to upgrade an iPhone app of mine to iPad. Sadly the way Apple’s development software works isn’t quite as simple as just “proportionally upscale all the components to fit the screen” and requires a far more altogether complicated rethink about screen-size, aspect ratio and what/how to display information.

Edit: Just seen this thread was last posted in August last year. Apologies for the accidental bump. #OverhelpfulNewbie