Switching from First Direct


Currently helping my wife switch to Starling from First Direct.
She’s chatting to live chat atm.

Couple of things though…
The services asks to confirm your details (name, bank, sort code, etc) are correct but gives you no option to edit them if not.

My wife’s name (with starling) doesn’t exactly match whats printed on her FD debit card… should be able to change this for the switch.


Hey Liam, we’ve got a manual work around for some mismatching details.
It appears like your wife (and you) have helped us uncover an iOS bug preventing the CASS request from being submitted in the app.
Our iOS devs are working on a fix right now.
Will come back to you once it is live.
Thanks for flagging, and for your patience :grinning:


Hey Patrick,

Glad to know we helped :slight_smile: Your response was brilliant and your colleague Kai just messaged Kayleigh to say it would work (it did).

Another fantastic experience!


This is awesome - glad it worked :grinning:


Nice to hear it worked - happy switching :grinning: