Switching Daisy Chain


Has anyone had a chain of redirects as a result of using the Current Account Switching Service. For example; Account with Bank A, redirects to Bank B, redirects to Bank C…

I assume it’s relatively straightforward redirects held on an account record, not that l would think of doing such a thing :wink: but kinda intrigues me and l can’t find anything documented (kinda obvious like guess!)


My Virgin Media payments may, I don’t know how I’d see this? I started with Barclays a good few years back, then Metro Bank and for now TSB.

Upon switching to Starling sometime in the future the same Direct Debit will have moved three times!


Sorry!! l guess l mean more for receiving credits… I know as part of the switching service the new bank details are provided to the payment account.

So… Credit to Bank A, switch to Bank B, switch to Bank C. If the payment details didn’t change at Bank A would Bank C receive a credit (via B).


The banks don’t actually forward to each other directly. Instead, the banks forward the payment to the central switch service (run by Vocalink), who will then forward it on to your latest bank account. The payment will go from Bank A to Bank C via Vocalink.

When you switch to Bank C, the Vocalink database will be updated to ensure that your Bank A and Bank B payments are forwarded on to Bank C.

It will always be a case of Old Bank (A, B, C…) - Switch Service - New Bank.

I’m not sure if this makes sense? It’s late! :grinning:


They should also advise the out going transaction bank so payments go directly to bank c instead of a -> c

I know FD will update payee details with the new details for you when you make the first transaction to a switched account - not sure if all banks do this and how long it take FD to actually update the details


I’d really like to switch multiple accounts into Starling. I have a few accounts which I’ve accumulated over the years and I’d quite like to close them all and redirect them into my Starling account. I contacted Customer Service who advised that you could only switch one account into Starling - it’d be good if this number could be increased!


I switched two accounts to Starling, so maybe they’ve changed things. One of the switches did go a bit awry which may explain that limit, but certainly you used to be able to switch more than one.

Maybe it’s just one switch at a time rather than concurrently (which is what I did)…?


I have switched 3 accounts to Starling without any issues.

Perhaps contact CS again.


You can certainly switch more than one account to Starling, just not at the same time.
Once you’ve initiated a switch and it completes, you can then move on to the next!
Hope this helps, and happy switching :+1:t3:


Ah! So that’s how they do it (via Vocalink) and there was me planning to see how many l could chain together :smiling_imp:. Thanks