Switched to Starling this evening


So, after 6 months of using Starling as a spending account and putting a little money aside with Goals, I switched all of my banking over tonight.

I tried a partial switch earlier but was unable to continue as there was an issue with the information that was pulled through from Nationwide. (I don’t want to do a full switch as my Nationwide FlexPlus account comes with some fantastic benefits, mainly mobile phone insurance for the whole family.)

Although I’ve been informed that the team are already investigating this bug with the partial switch service, I became impatient and have spent the last couple of hours manually updating my Direct Debit details with all of the companies I deal with. There are a couple that require a paper form to be returned (in 2018, really?!), so I have some mopping up to do tomorrow. All in all though, I’m really happy to have finally made the leap!

Some feedback now that I’ve started using elements of the app that I previously hadn’t seen…

  1. The “Add payee” function is really slick - I love it! Especially having come from Nationwide who require you to use their card reader to set up a new payee, delete an existing payee, make changes to an existing payment, etc.
  2. Similar with setting up a scheduled payment/standing order. The way this has been implemented is fantastic. Really intuitive and, though it’s a minor point, I love the circular animation around the payee logo :slight_smile: The only improvement I would suggest is with the payment date and frequency - those selectors look really out of date. Perhaps look at the more modern controls available in Android?
  3. The one really annoying thing is how many times I was asked to enter my password. I’ve set up a number of standing orders, one of which was for Wealthify. I’ve configured the Wealthify payee with 4 accounts, identical in all but description. I did it this way so I can see how much I’ve paid into my different Wealthify plans. Every time I entered any account details, I was asked to re-enter my password. I’ve posted about this previously as you get asked for your password when you download statements. It became so irritating! A simple fingerprint confirmation would have been far better, or perhaps a time period whereby you aren’t asked for the password again?
  4. It would be useful to be able to select multiple payees and perform an operation on all of them, i.e. delete them all at once.

Overall I’m really happy to have made the switch and can now look forward to all the new features and improvements that Starling will no doubt deliver over the coming months and years :+1:t2:

Further partial or full switch after a partial switch