Sweep facility


It would be great if Starling provided a sweep facility.

At a given day of the month, this would automatically transfer any remaining money over a specified limit to another account (for example a savings or investment account).


This is a really fantastic idea actually! I think this would be especially useful when Direct Debits are added to Goals.

You could have a Goal for your DDs that you fill every month with a little slack for variable DDs like your mobile phone, then at the end of the month, the ‘slack’ is reset in the Goal and could be put either back into your account or into another Goal, or as you say, into another account!


Hi Luke. Yeah we are thinking along similar lines. We could have a sweep facility as you call it or have some kind of round up feature on every transaction. So if you Pay £2.75 we can put away .25p. That stuff builds up. Almost like stealth saving. Then at the end of each week you see the total and can sweep it into a goal or an investment account partner we will have in the marketplace.


That would be great, I can retire my round ups script, as your solution will surely be slicker!


This. Absolutely this!

I’ve been doing something similar since May with https://getchip.uk/ and have amassed just over £600.

You, too, can do this. Use my CHIP referral code MZHUYJ (Disclosure: What’s in it for you: additional 1% for a year; What’s in it for me: additional 1% for a year)

More recently, I’ve been trying out https://www.ovalmoney.com/ and have so far saved over £200.

You, too, can do this. Use my OVAL referral code JW4VNNLU (Disclosure: What’s in it for you: £5 added to your savings on first save; What’s in it for me: £5 added to my savings on your first save)

So, as you can see, I have been passively saving from my current account and the savings have been building up pretty steadily. I commend everyone to try this. Saving little and often really works. It work’s even better when it is automated for you as you don’t have to think about saving money.


Which is better would you say?? I like save the change from Lloyds, are any of these 2 similar?


Oval is set up to work in the same way as Lloyds’ Save the Change feature.

Chip uses an algorithm to analyse spending on your current account and it will work out what is a sensible sum to save. You can choose to set the savings level to high or low or leave it at normal.


Thanks had a look at Oval and signed up (used your code). Thanks for the heads up.


Very good of you, thank you :+1:

There’s a number of different ways you can save. I like the save the change / round up way of doing it. I hope you save lots!


Looks good, the save the change type thing, plus percentages of certain spends. Could be the answer. Ta


Love to have a ‘round up’ facilty. Please implement this.


Round up sounds great. I’ve tried it the other week, just doing the maths in my head and then sticking it in a goal at the end of each day. I could see it gathering fairly quickly. Unfortunately I had to take it back again cos, you know… Peugeot! :roll_eyes: But I’d definitely activate this if it was an in app thing. Although it would have to be live and instant. The idea of rounding up to save without noticing kinda goes out the window if it’s taken out as a lump sum at the end of the month. I wouldn’t notice a few 27p’s but I’d sure as heck notice £40!!

However, I thought the OP was more asking about a sweep feature whereby, if you set your “safety net” amount to, for example, £500, then anything above that in your account at the end of your pay period would get swept into a goal. As you’ve not spent it, and you’re about to be paid, you don’t really need it right now.

Which is a feature that I quite like the sound of… If my Peugeot ever lets me keep my spare money. I swear it’s spying on my account!


Thanks, I’m going to check them out. Do they work with Starling?


I was going to ask the same thing and then forgot! At first glance it appeared they didn’t?


Good question. I’m not entirely sure.


I love the idea of a round up option implemented via starling.


I like the idea of a sweep feature on a given date (day before payday) to move excess funds to a goal of choice. Obviously this would need to be customised for the individual but it would be so useful


I’d really like the option of rounding up to the nearest pound to build a savings pot.


As an interim measure, and I cannot claim credit for this as it was suggested by someone else on this forum a while ago, I have set up a £1 a day saving into a general savings goal. It seemed to me to be an easy way of making small regular savings without impacting upon your available money to any great degree.


Monzo have this already. Really like it