SumUp Mobile Payments


Anyone else think these are really cool?
£29 quid for a reader and your setup for card payments! No excuse for small startups now Spoilt for choice actually. iZettle, PayPal also offering their own solutions, sure there are more out there as well.


There is loads about some are even free.

One of the charities I deal with use SumUp because its simple and cheap to use remotely.


Really! Didn’t realise you could get some for free too. That’s awesome

They’re bonkers quick at taking payments too. Quite hip coffee shop I go to sometimes has their one linked to an iPad POS as well.

Looks really professional for not much cost.


I wish where I get my haircut would have something like this, it’s the only place I need cash for. I’d happily pay more just to use a card.


Sounds like asking your hairdresser to set up a direct debit isnt likely to bear fruit then :smirk:


1.69% is a pretty good rate for small business


I’m thinking maybe they just want cash though on purpose :thinking:


Really reasonable rates. Think you need to drop some hints @Ryan :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The big difference is mainly how long it takes for them to settle the transaction, Paypal and Square do it instantly, the others its a few days. The main 5 are very similar in the offering they give.


All very similar offerings. It’s a major bonus not needing to setup a merchant account or pay a monthly rental cost for a PDQ terminal or enter a contract? Guess there’s a trade off for that. Few days ain’t bad


I’ll maybe bring it up and see what they say :thinking:


We use the PayPal Here one on our market stall. It’s so easy to use, as long as we remember to keep it charged! That wouldn’t be so much of a problem in a shop as it can be left plugged in. Funds clear instantly and can be transferred to a bank account instantly with no fees. I did consider the other services, but back when we started I think there was only SumUp, and you had to enter the PIN on the screen of the phone, which I didn’t think customers would like. Also everyone has heard of PayPal and it adds a level of trust to it.


iZettle was recently purchased by PayPal anyway - not sure if they’ll keep it going as a separate brand or just merged it.

With these sort of merchants there’s no less and less ‘excuses’ for being ‘cash only’. I know there’s still a charge, but companies who do refuse to update and claim it’s too expensive don’t consider the costs involved in cash - mainly:

  1. Errors in change given - it might ‘balance out’ over the day (sometimes too little, somethimes too much) but you never have that with card payments.
  2. Employing someone to ‘cash up’ - having to count up each day and work out how much money you’ve got on the premises isn’t a quick job.
  3. Security issues - you’re vulnerable both at the point of transaction and when you’re taking the money to the bank. Market stalls are even more vulnerable than shops.

There’s a few shops now starting to be actually card only that I’ve seen - no cash taken.


I completely agree about card being the way forward (hate cash).

But one of the things I think I mentioned before about the cost of card vs cash was in relation to my hairdresser (who now accepts card).

It’s always cost £9 - Inevitably, you’d pay a tenner, and not ask for change (as long as they did an OK job!)

Now though? They just put £9 through on card, and I don’t carry any change for tips etc. I’m sure a lot of others do the same.

So not only do they pay card fees, they’ve lost 10% of their actual fee!

But yeah, I only tend to shop at places that take card.


PayPal currently operate a few different brands, so it will most likely still operate iZettle separately as it has done with others it has purchased around the world in the last few years.

It’s just marketing, some people dislike PayPal so it operates different brands.

Really there is no excuse for shops and businesses etc to be taking cards, especially when most of the companies that offer card readers do special offers that often mean the card readers are really cheap or free.


I’ve noticed this a few places, though I’ve always wondered why they don’t just set up a gratuity prompt like some restaurants. There are many times where I’m happy to give a tip but don’t have cash or forget to ask them to add it to the amount to charge.

iZettle/SumUp/PayPal Here, and of course the standard card terminals, all can be set up to ask for a gratuity amount before the PIN/payment step. I can only assume it’s not used more often due to a lack of knowledge, as there is no reason not to use it.


I really like the square aesthetically but I definitely think pin on glass will be a bit of a stumbling block for many consumers


I hadn’t noticed that. That’s true. I think the new PayPal reader has just the right look. Proper buttons too.