Submitting merchant info outside of the forum


I have previously submitted merchant info via both CS Chat, and on the forum. Last night I tried to submit a quick alteration via CS Chat at the end of another query (post office was just missing it’s icon), which I thought would be pretty trivial to hook up, and was told I should be submitting this info via the forum only from now on, and not via CS Chat.

While I can appreciate you are trying to separate merchant info submission from other CS queries, I don’t think forcing everyone to submit alterations via the forum is ideal. Some people may not want to be publishing exactly what, when and where they spent money on a public forum. Also, not all users will have a forum account, especially seeing as you can’t currently register via email address.

I appreciate you are working on a way to submit this info in-app, but in the meantime, I think you need to continue to support a way of submitting alterations outside of the forum. Perhaps via a dedicated email address? (i.e. merchant_info@starlingbank. com)


hear hear


Hi Dave,

As you mentioned, we are building a feature to let you submit this information from in-app. In the meantime, you are still able to submit them via CS chat. I’ve just confirmed this with our CS team - sorry it wasn’t the case when you tried to submit the logo earlier this week.


What’s next?