Stuttering when scrolling through transactions


I’ve found that when scrolling through the list of transactions, scrolling isn’t smooth and seems to jump around a little.

I’m using an iPhone 7 128GB for reference. Wondering if anyone else has seen issues like this?


Hi @josdaw

I’ve got a 7 Plus but can’t replicate that problem.


Same here @Graham I have a 7Plus 256Gb and no issues with scrolling

@josdaw I would try a reboot of the handset


No issues on iPhone 6s Plus scrolling here.


Okay guys I feel like a bit of a melt here.

My eyes were making it look like a bad scroll when in fact it’s the way the days are filling too grey section on the transaction list. Varying amounts of transactions on different days mean these scroll over at different times and gives that effect.

I’m going to shuffle back into my corner now :expressionless:


We’ve all been there Jos. It was your turn today. Have a lie-down. :grinning::+1:


Never mind Jos we all have ours days least you worked out the issue.