Stop funds to Goals when goal is reached


It would be great to have an option to, when goal reached, to stop funds entering that goal UNTIL money has been moved out from it.

Let’s say I have a goal set up to reach £300 for a rainy day, £50 gets paid into that goal each month when I get paid. The goal has been reached and no further funds get transferred into that goal. Then, a rainy day hits two months after the goal has been reached, and I have to take our £100 from that goal. Funds can now be entered once again on the allocated date until the goal has been reached again.

I hope that makes sense. Oh, plus, a notification should come up on the phone once the goal is reached.


Sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:


Not sure on the latter part of your request but unless it has been changed goals do stop topping up once they have been reached, not sure if once reached it then cancels your recurring payment or it remains dormant


I know that once your goal is reached the payment is stopped but what would be good is if scheduled payments were altered if it means going over a goal amount - eg you have a goal target of £1000 and you’re paying in £75 a month - after 13 month you’ve paid in £975. It would be great if for the next payment the scheduled payment is auto altered to £25 to hit the target but not go over it. (As an extension to this and even better would be if you could divert surplus funds into a different goal)


Or the app just automatically takes the correct daily/weekly/monthly amount based on the goal amount and date you set like on simple.


Tbh, I have not checked on that and I hope you are right. I’m a new user and so far I’m loving the goals as it is so helpful. I’m gonna confirm with support (should have done that before :see_no_evil:).