Stop Funding Goals When Target Amount Reached


There’s multiple threads about Goals but I wasn’t sure which one to put this into, so feel free to move it if you guys think there’s a more appropriate one!

Sorry iOS users, I know you haven’t got this yet, but maybe it can be baked in for when you do get it.

So I’ve setup a Goal to upgrade my ageing but still functional MacBook Pro and I’m going to stick £25 a month in there on a schedule and then throw any extra pennies I might have along the way. So I can setup the Goal to automatically add the £25 each month but the options are:

  • Until cancelled manually
  • For amount of times
  • Until particular date

For my Portugal Holiday Goal I’m transferring money every month and I’m going on a specific date, I can set that date for when the automatic transfers stop. But for this Goal I only want it to keep automatically contributing to that goal until I actually reach it, I don’t want it to keep filling it up afterwards. Because I’m going to throw extra money in there, I can’t really set a date or number of times because I don’t yet know when that will be.

So a Repeat ‘until the Goal is achieved’ or something on those lines would be really great!


I think what your after is what this screen shot suggested was on the way?


We already get that screen on Android so we can already setup recurring payments, what’s missing is the ability for those recurring payments to stop once the Goal is full.


I don’t think we have targets unless I’m going blind?


You can set a target for a Goal already on Android and I’m pretty sure iOS has that bit already too!


Ah yes, found it in the edit menu rather than the setup menu.


Great idea @Chalky - I agree this would be useful for me too! I’ll share it with the team :smiley:


Cheers @JamesPratley!


Came here to suggest the same feature. Any updates on an ETA?


Agreed. Also, a slight annoyance i have is that if you set up a recurring contribution to a goal there is no way to subsequently either amend or cancel that contribution without deleting the goal entirely and starting again. An amend and/or cancel option against scheduled goal contributions would seem logical i think. Apart from that - love the app, the instant notifications, the responsiveness of cs. It’s refreshing and im excited to see how it grows


On iOS you can edit recurring contributions by just pressing the current amount you’re adding. I haven’t tried to remove one, but setting it to £0 would probably work?


Well what do you know! When you press it there is also a delete scheduled payment option! Didn’t know you could do that so thank you!! CS didn’t know that even!