Stock Pictures for Goals


I would love some stock photos/pictures to add to goals. I’ve added some photos but they don’t look great and look messy compared to the standard logos and pictures used but Starling themselves. I’ve just noticed that when you set a new goal up that there are some illustrations in the window, a boat a guitar, these would be perfect. I’m not a fan of realistic photos in the app, but would love some using the same design language as the standard ones used for groceries, eating out and lifestyle etc. Maybe it’s my OCD kicking in, but I like consistency and neatness. To overcome this at the moment, I have solid primary colour backgrounds, a different solid colour for each goal. This gives me mental calmness. :nerd_face:


I’d like to see this as well!


A “me too” from me as well. Also the default white font for the goal text is sometimes hard to read depending on the picture you choose.


I’ve been annoyed by this too, it’s really hard to find images that keep the text clear and I actually believe it’s a bug.

Take a look at this screenshot of the current app:

The top and bottom of each box has a darker gradient on it, but the text is in the middle, where there is no shading. Usually, you’d place the shading behind areas of text to make it more legible.

Now look at this image, from this June 2017 “Sneak Peek” post:

The text is at the top and bottom of each box, not in the middle!

So it seems at some point Starling have moved the text from the top and bottom to the middle, but not appropriately updated the shading, so the text is now less legible.

Can this please be fixed Starling? :slight_smile:


Well spotted and spot on analysis of what happened!

I am very much aware of “legibility of the title text” issue. I have a number of solutions in mind for months, in various stages of progress.
Let me see what can be done in the very near future.


Improved legibility of Goals in today’s release :national_park::sunrise::night_with_stars::foggy::japan::bridge_at_night:


Thanks! Looking great!


Thank you, looks brilliant now :slight_smile: