Status Page Emails


It would be super helpful if you could enable your page to allow us to sign up for email notifications of incidents (I have this setup for various other companies, so know it can be done).

That way we’ll be notified almost instantly of any issues for those of us who want that!



I offer a free way to get email notifications from a AWS service I setup. If you want them let me know your email in a private message,


They turned them off months ago, no reason why, and despite numerous requests they don’t want to turn them back on.


Hi Daniel,

I agree, this would be easier - i have it set up with other companies too.

As a workaround meantime, do you use IFTTT at all? If you check my post history I posted a while back on how to set it up… It helps me out until emails are introduced!


Interesting, hadn’t thought of using IFTTT, smart idea, thanks!

Although as we all seem to agree, I don’t understand any reason why Starling would have this disabled on their status page :thinking:


Yeah IFTTT for rss notifications works well.


Why not take up Jon’s offer, I have and it is a very useful service


Agreed, @Jon’s service works excellently! Really appreciate him provideding this!