Statements when you have goals


Hi all,

I’m a bit dull and use an app to record all of my banking transactions then use statements to reconcile at the end of each month (boring, I know).

I have created some goals for savings and mirrored these ‘accounts’ in my rec app.

When I’ve printed a Starling statement, there is no reflection of my movements to the goals savings, making it rather confusing.

The starling app shows current balance, which relflects the movements into a goal.

Why is then not reflected on the statement?



I’ve never actually checked that, you would have thought it would show you the money on your statement as say a payment to a goal (with the goal name)


Very good point. Especially for those that might need to provide statements for a mortgage application. I’ve not looked myself but if I understand you correctly the Starling statements could make it look like you are hemorrhaging money.


Aren’t goal just part of the same account but ring fenced? As they do not have a sort code and account number they don’t exist as a separate account so not sure how you would show a transfer out.

I agree it means that you statement balance is higher than you in app balance which is strange but the money has not left your account as such.

Not sure whether I would want to see it come off or not - just an observation.


This is how it should work. But does it? Can you confirm? Cheers.


It does on mine. My statement balance is larger than the app balance.


I believe it’s something to do with the statement needing to comply with certain standards.

As such, it won’t reflect internal Starling account features such as goals. Those funds will be seen as simply part of the overall balance.

Unless we’re now informed otherwise…:flushed:


Perfect. For me, that’s how it should work.


I get that, but would be handy to show the segregation. Visually, I find it looks misleading. :open_mouth:


You find the app or the statement misleading?


The statement. App great as the main balance doesn’t include my goals.


Were you typing that when Harry McGuire scored?:joy:


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Any use to you :thinking:?


All the goals do is hide/separate your money, technically, it’s not a transaction as the money never leaves your account. It’s not a separate account, a statement entry is defined as movement of money from your account to another account.

However, if you look on your transaction list, you can see the movement.


I raised this point in a post I made on April 24th. My post was acknowledged!! The point about categories and merchants spending not tallying has been rectified, but the discrepancy between Pulse in the app and statements remains and is misleading.