Statement Quirks


I printed out some statements the other day and noticed a few quirks.

First and least importantly, when I printed the PDF the Starling logo came out with all he letter spaces filled in grey. So, the A in Starling, for example, the white space within the letter was filled in, even though visually the gap is white on the PDF. Maybe I just need to try a different printer, but it’s odd.

Secondly, transaction descriptions seem limited to one line, when two would be preferable. Currently the Starling Statement seems to show a name if there is no payment reference and if there is a payment reference that’s the only information displayed. I’ve had a look through my legacy bank statements and they display the name and any reference.

It seems like a really trivial thing but currently when I send a Faster Payment to my Starling account from my legacy bank the reference is Starling so I know which account it’s been sent to. My Starling statement then only displays Starling making it look like the Bank is paying me - would that it were!



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