Statement Issues and Improvements


I am thinking that the Starling statements need to be changed to general industry standards.

  • There is no balance after each transaction as Starling is only giving end of day consolidated balance. This is an issue with using statements for various visa applications as multiple countries have rules around maintenance funds for a set number of days and the balance (not end of day balance) at all times should not go below a certain point and that balance should be clearly visible at all times.

  • Ability to generate a statement within the month - Again this is important as for various applications your statements cannot be older than a set number of days

  • There is no description for the transaction if the user at other bank did not put any references. Except Starling, most of the other banks do not mandate the user to enter a reference when transferring money. But even if we don’t put and reference, the banks put something like the name of the sender or so. Starling is giving an empty transaction description.


This is a significant shortcoming.


Hi @vlinus, thanks for your feedback!

On the points raised:

  • It’s pretty common to just show end of day balances, on which interest is calculated, to more clearly highlight the totals which matter. Both Barclays and HSBC also only show an end of day balance (the two banks I personally have access to statements for). I have not known a visa requirement needing intra-day running balances before (and my other half and I have fairly extensive visa experience!). Out of interest, which country is requiring this? We could look at changing this if we find it would be more helpful for people.

  • Mid-month statements is something I’m keen for as well, we’ve done some work on it and they should be available soon :slight_smile:

  • Yes we are aware of the blank references on some incoming faster payments. I’m planning to make some statement changes to also show the sender name which should sort this.



Thanks sam for the reply.
For a UK work visa extension, this is the wording in official site - The applicant must have had the funds referred to in (a) above for a consecutive 90-day period of time. It doesn’t refer to end of the day balances (you can interpret in whichever way we want) and also I have noticed visa agents always tell that it should not go below a certain amount at any point of time. I think it is safer for the statements to include balances after each transaction as that can give both the information for the required parties - as i don’t think anyone want to take a risk on sensitive career prospects.


@vlinus You can now generate partial statements for the current month within the application. We have also improved the PDF statements to include both the name of the person sending / receiving the payment and the reference that was used to make the payment.

I can’t advise on your specific visa type / application but my wife is a foreign national and we have successfully applied for a number of UK visas using bank statements which show an end of day balance (Starling, Barclays and HSBC).

All the best,



Thanks Sam, this is a natural and very welcome development of the statement function.


@sam The new features are definitely a very welcome addition . Thanks Sam

One thing I noticed in the new statement is that it doesn’t show the foreign currency spent. eg: If I spent 10 euros, it just shows the converted value in pounds ,say £8.9 spend instead of say, something like £8.9 (EUR 10.00 : 0.89 conversion)


Is it possible to generate statements covering longer time periods (or to download multiple statements at once)? I just needed to provide my 2017 statements and it was a real pain having to go through the select month -> enter password -> select export format -> save PDF twelve times.

I’m sure having to download 3 or 12 months of bank statements at once is a pretty common use case and shouldn’t be too hard to implement.


@StarlingSupport can you assist?


I agree. It wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have to enter your password each time. Surely once you’re logged in, via fingerprint, PIN, etc., that should be sufficient? If not, then at least remember that the password has been entered for a period of time, say 15 minutes, during which you won’t be asked again.


At the moment that is the only way for you to do it. You can request for us to do it for you and we’ll be able to send them through as an email. It’s quicker if we do it if you’re wanting a large amount of statements.


Thanks I’ll bear that in mind. I don’t do it very often, but a custom date range selector would be a nice simple addition.


It’s on the list of suggestions :grinning: