Statement Export / Import into Accounting Software


I use QuickFile for my accounting, and just tried to import a CSV statement from my starling business account… and it’s all gone kind of wrong.

Their system needs the statement to either have separate columns for credit and debit amounts, or both in one column, but the debits having a minus figure. With the current import it’s treating everything as a credit.

Something that could be tweaked at all please?

I’ve attached two screenshots, one is the statement import stage, and the second is how my account looks after import, the transaction for £15.00 should be a payment rather than a credit.


Statement Accounting Software

The export feature needs a bit of work, but it wouldn’t take much. Export of a date range, better fields as above (I suggest amount - if spending), and let us set categories.


Hi @Jsmith9114. Thanks for raising this. We’re going to do a piece of work to enhance CSV exporting so will include this as part of that.



Thanks @jasonwilkinsonbrown , good to hear!




We actually released some changes to the CSV export feature this morning. We have split the name of the person being paid from the reference they used to make the payment and now used signed amount to represent the direction of the transactions.

Hope this helps!



Hi @sam

I’ve just tried an import again and working fine for me now, thank you for responding so quickly!




I just tried my first transaction to test the export to my accountants system. It failed their system won’t recognise the csv. I have emailed them (intouch accounting) but would suggest starling need to make their export more “standard”. As a guide the ones from HSBC work perfectly.

Also the process in a mobile app only world is a faff when your accountant is web only.

I have to open app, navigate to statements, export to CSV, type password, save file on device, email to myself, open on computer and save file to desktop, login to my accountants site, import file (even if it was working!)

Still some work to do I’ll stick with HSBC for now!
If you want business to take this seriously I would say a web portal is essential. Apps are good for individuals not so good for business.


on my phone I have Microsoft OneDrive and on my PC I also have Microsoft OneDrive.

I therefore don’t need to bother emailing myself the file as I can save files from my phone direct to my OneDrive rather than my device and open them direct from OneDrive rather than upload them to my desktop.


Have the same setup. That’s a better idea thanks. But still a faff. And still don’t work :slight_smile:


There seems to be issues with exported data from Fintechs.

Unless you only export the finalized statement data you will have issues if you export transaction data from the main feed as this data may change due to differences between initial receipt of a request from the merchant to set aside the money and when they put a finalised transaction thru with the correct amount. The amount can be altered for numerous reasons such as altered shipping costs due to order split into separate shipments, exchange rate changes, preauthorizing fuel for £100 but say spending £56.78!

Also there are issues where instead of showing data in separate columns, e.g. a credit and a debit column, they include both in one column.

These sorts of issues do need to be looked at, but I will say it is not just Starling. Tide and other bank account operators have had customers report problems with their data file formats.


Yeh I hear you. All I know though is that I don’t have this problem with my previous legacy business banks.


We hear you as well @Resonate and as we build the app and provide further functionality we will look to improve the exporting process. The ability is there but we always want to continue to improve.

We really appreciate this feedback we get to ensure that we can build the best bank account out there with the features that work for you!


I use InTouch too. I pay £14 (iirc) per month extra to them to use FreeAgent. They will migrate everything across for you if you ask them too. FreeAgent is much better than the default portal they offer.

FreeAgent & Xero are first in the pipelines for bank feed integration by the way.


Hi Lee,

I started looking at this FreeAgent thing after reading threads here. I thought if I got FreeAgent I would no longer need an accountant but seems that is not really case and that really it is just an additional cost. What I am not clear on is what benefit FreeAgent will give me over their standard offering (beyond fixing this issue)? I just create a few invoices a month and put expenses on it for example so maybe my use case is different?



You sound like a similar use case to be honest on the limited info you provided.

The thing I like most about using FreeAgent over the InTouch’s in house offering is the bank feed integration with my bank (currently Barclays until Starling is ready). It means easier and faster statement reconciliation, invoice tracking, auto chasing invoices, auto invoicing, auto thanking for payment when payment is received etc. It’s just streamlined the complete process for me.


this was the exact same problem I had with Tide, and the reason I stopped using them. CSV export needs to be customisable to suit your accounting software as it seems they all differ slightly. QuickBooks Online has annoyingly particular inputs for CSV imports.

but to be honest until I can retrieve my Starling Business bank feed automatically in QBO, I probably won’t be switching. That feature is the be all and end all of timesaving in SME accounting


I agree, I have my account setup and active but without bank feed integration in to FreeAgent I can’t make the move just yet. It’s too much of a time saver.


After recent Android app updates I tried exporting the statement as CSV and importing into Xero again today. It’s disappointing it still doesn’t work without manually editing the CSV file which is time consuming and risks importing corrupt data into Xero. Can Starling give any indication of when manual CSV transactions import into Xero will be possible? I’m aware live feed integration will take much longer, but I’m hoping the CSV format being used can be improved so it’s usable with Xero and other similar services. At the moment Starling for Business is unusable with many accounting packages unless customers have the skill and inclination to edit CSV files which is a big ask.


It seems that with Xero at least, just deleting the “Opening Balance” line from the CSV file now allows it to be imported. I tried adding a date to the opening balance line but Xero refused to accept it.


Being a personal account starling user I decided to try the business account as well after the TSB cock-up. The only reason I didn’t do it before was the lack of feed sync with free agent.
But since TSB feed is now broken as well that is no longer a factor. :slight_smile:

As it was already mentioned above, the CSV format from Starling is not directly compatible with free agent and required minimal changes. So I built this small python tool, that takes the Starling CSV and converts it to the Free Agent format.

Hope this is useful to someone else.