Statement Errors & Missing Transaction Details


There is one big problem for me with statement downloads. The Transactions column appears to list the transaction reference, rather than the Payee. A lot of the references are pretty meaningless, leaving me to guess who I paid or who paid me. I find it a little puzzling since the info is all there when I pull up my transactions list in the app. This is very unhelpful, especially if you are processing transactions through a spreadsheet.

Statement Quirks
Statement Errors

Thanks for letting us know about this @tonya - I’ll make sure the team see your suggestion! :slight_smile:


I totally agree with this- when paying family, friends or money back to my Barclays account I generally have my name as the reference so when I look at my statement it is just loads of lines of my name and different amounts- not ideal.

As a preference I would like the payee name on my statement rather than the reference of the payment or in an absolute ideal world it would be great to have both.

In terms of severity this is a pretty low level issue for me- only time it may be really required would be mortgage reviews etc where I have to show these things.


When I look at my transactions and statements, there’s some missing data.

Firstly, the statement transaction date and the app transaction date differ - the app seems to show when it occurred, the statement when it was processed.

Secondly, both views adjust the names (for example, I have £8 sent to ‘Christopher’, which I know was actually an ebay PayPal transaction) with no visibility of which merchant I paid (PayPal in this case)

Finally, my statements don’t show who paid me or who I paid via bank transfers - they only show the reference attached to the transaction.


After taking a closer look at my statement this is also a bit of an issue with me.

Ideally when looking at my statement I’d rather see the payee name as apposed to the reference, I have 7 transactions that say bills. This is transfers I make to my various current accounts for DDs. I now without referring to my spreadsheet have no way of knowing where they went. Is this something starling can take a look at?


I think payee name and reference would be better something like
My payee name -(my transaction reference)


It’s wide open to abuse - either for jokes or for fraud - as you can effectively put fake payment names on your inbound and outbound transactions.


Hi @Nicholas thanks for your feedback -

On your first point, the dates of your transactions in your feed will differ from your exported statement. This is because in your app we use the authorisation date (the date you made the purchase) in order to reflect what payments you have made and committed money to. Your exported statement on the other hand is a legal statement of what money has actually left or entered your account, for this reason we have to use the settlement date which is often a couple of days after your made the payment and when money actually leaves your account. Interest is also calculated on your account balance as per your exported statement so you earn interest on the amount held in your account until your transactions settle and leave your account.

Your feedback on our statement is a good point which we are aware of and have plans to add the ‘payee’ as well as the reference.



Yes, understand the date discrepancy but as the app only shows the transaction date and the PDF only shows the processing date, it’s not easy to reconcile - maybe you could add the transaction date to the PDF like Amex?

Any feedback on the fact that the app and the statement doesn’t show all card transactions properly, as I’m in trouble if I need to prove I paid paypal as you’re sometimes (but not always) editing the merchant name?


We will always have the raw transaction data if you need it, you can get this from Customer Service… but we are also adding this into the app soon too.


That’s awesome, can the fix also be applied to statements as well?

It seems to be some sort of error, as it’s inconsistent - some paypal transactions come up as Paypal - Receiver Name, whereas others just come up ‘Christopher’ or whatever the receiver name is.



You have answered your own question. If you use the search button at the top this has been brought up previously.


I exported a PDF of my monthly statement. AND…the transaction dates shown on the statement do not match the dates shown in my Starling App.
I presume this is because Starling want to show real-time transaction date/time in the app, but are required to show the time the transaction was actually processed, in the statement.
Can anyone shed any additional light on this?
I would obviously prefer my statement to match my app, but understand if this is not possible from a regulatory perspective.
(See the post below for screenshots illustrating my point)


I printed out some statements the other day and noticed a few quirks.

First and least importantly, when I printed the PDF the Starling logo came out with all he letter spaces filled in grey. So, the A in Starling, for example, the white space within the letter was filled in, even though visually the gap is white on the PDF. Maybe I just need to try a different printer, but it’s odd.

Secondly, transaction descriptions seem limited to one line, when two would be preferable. Currently the Starling Statement seems to show a name if there is no payment reference and if there is a payment reference that’s the only information displayed. I’ve had a look through my legacy bank statements and they display the name and any reference.

It seems like a really trivial thing but currently when I send a Faster Payment to my Starling account from my legacy bank the reference is Starling so I know which account it’s been sent to. My Starling statement then only displays Starling making it look like the Bank is paying me - would that it were!



The reference quoted on any Faster Payment (or SEPA Credit Transfer) is for the benefit of the recipient, so in the case of a firm that might be their invoice number. Hence it is normal for it to appear this way.

I get around the problem of not having separate sender and recipient reference fields by naming the payee differently e.g. “J Smith - Starling” instead of “Jan Smith”


Trust me, I used to work in Accounts receivable and have accounts of my own with several banks. The usual thing is to display both the name of the sender plus any payment reference. The Co-op display it all on one long line and RBS do it across two lines. Nationwide show the name of the account holder who sent the payment but not the reference at all.


that is ridiculous! How do you find out what it is for, do you have to ring them up to find out the reference? Barmy building society.


Well, they don’t do business accounts, and for personal ones it’s ok I
guess but hardly ideal.

Nationwide are odd sometimes, for example although they don’t give you a
reference, but when a direct debit is collected they tell you the sort code and
account number of the collector - wierd huh?


Any updates…?
When you will add FULL transaction details to statements?
Why I’m unable to check who transferred money to my account in statement (name)??!