Statement dates


I’m checking off my statement to the spending feed on my phone and the dates do not match up.

I’m assuming that the feed on my phone shows the transaction dates and statement dates are the settlement dates.

Makes it quite difficult to try and cross reference the two.


i also suffered from the Apple Pay bug on that day but i have reported this.


Hi, That will be the reason Neil, in your app we show the transaction when it is first authorised but your statement reflects when it is settled - and when it leaves your account. This is so it always shows your actual balance - rather than what is available to spend (balance minus pre-authorised transactions).
It’s a good insight to know you check one against the other and we can give this some thought though.


Suggestion to help marry the two, could you add the transaction date to the statement?


Correct. While the bank could display the information in the app differently most people like seeing confirmation when a transaction is done rather than days later like legacy banks. However, for mortgage applications and visa applications and residence permit applications etc the final settled dates as on a traditional statement are expected.