Statement - Card Chip&PIN payments all showing as Apple Pay


I have an Android phone and have exported my statement as PDF, as has my wife with her account. Both of us see the same error in our own statements - all card payments (not contactless) show as “Apple Pay”. Neither of us even own an Apple device and can confirm they are all Chip & PIN transactions



You’ll be best placed to open a chat with customer services.


I didn’t see the point of a chat, as it’s a bug rather than an individual problem. It’s certainly not just limited to my account/phone.


Sure, but the chat I’m referring to is directly with customer services as a heads-up.


I think @Graham is right to talk to customer services to resolve you statement. But good to highlight here too.


This happened to me, all on the 17th too. Sent a message to customer service who are investigating.


Hi @Daesimpso - that’s doesn’t sound right. Thanks for letting us know. We had a bug a few weeks ago where this was occurring but it was corrected. Sounds like we need to update how the statements are generated too. Hope to correct it for you soon. It is worth logging with CS so we have it on record to check back with you once a fix has been pushed.