Starling VS Thinkmoney


Hi all,
First post here, I currently have an account with ThinkMoney, I like they’re set up, but I like Starlings better.

As am only on benefits £300 a month coming in, I need to save as much money as possible, not sure if I should close my Thinkmoney account down as I am really bad with money.

Just looking for some advise really?



From what I understand from the ThinkMoney web site, they also manage your bills for you? Your income is paid to them, they pay your bills and give you access to the remainder?

Starling is more of a mainstream bank account, where you are in complete control.

Do you feel the ThinkMoney service helps you budget? If so, perhaps they are best for you.


Hi @Ben
That’s exactly how it works, thanks for that, I think helped me.


Really nice advice, Ben. Good luck Hugh.



If ThinkMoney works for you, why don’t you stick with them. I wish I could give you advise, but unfortuntely not qualified to do so. Good luck though.


I’m not sure if they have them over in Northen Ireland but an alternative could be a local credit union that offer similar features with regards to managing your monthly payments and then providing a debit card or similar to utilise the rest of your funds.

I know that my step-father used a credit union when he ran into financial problems with a positive effect.

Starling Bank would definitely assist with budgeting and seeing where your money has gone with the categories, etc but maybe not the level of functionality with your monthly payments that you might be looking for, but it’s maybe something @sarah.guha could consider in the future.

P.S. I love Carrickfergus!


The Money Advice Service may be able to advise on options.


According to their website ThinkMoney charge £17.50 per month. Of course each of us will place a different value on the service they provide for that given our individual circumstances. Personally, I think that’s a lot of money.

For Hugh that represents nearly 6% of his monthly income. So although expensive in my mind, it could be worth its weight in gold if it helps take money and budgeting worries away. Only you - @Hugh_Fraser - can make that determination for yourself. Best of luck :grinning:


Thank you all for the replies, it’s very much appreciated, I am with a Credit Union but am currently finding it it hard to pay money in as am sure you can imagine, @Chalky, Carrickfergus is beautiful and I love living here.


Here’s my opinion (not advice).
If you opened an account with Starling you could use it as a spending account. In addition speak to your local credit union who can set up a bill account for you. They could then credit the remaining monies to your Starling account. That way you know what is in your Starling account can be spent and all of your bills are paid. The plus is you save £15+ a month.


Thanks but unfortunately it’s only for loans not saving or current account type.


How strange. I was under the impression the whole ethos was for responsible lending as well as savings. Majority of credit unions I am aware of is that you cannot borrow unless you have already saved with them or set up a savings account as well.
I’m not saying your incorrect but it would go against everything a credit union is about. They may not offer you a current account but the majority do offer a bill paying account.
Have a look at for more info.