Starling Visa Card


Hello, will Starling look to offer a choice between Mastercard or Visa in the future?


and Maestro for use in Netherlands and Germany, and UnionPay for travel to China region?


I would love the option for a Maestro card, having been rather embarrassed in the Netherlands last week where I couldn’t pay for lunch in a beach cafe because they wouldn’t accept Visa Debit, MasterCard Debit or MasterCard credit cards (was fortunately bailed out by my Dutch mother-in-law and her Maestro card).

Unfortunately, nowhere in the UK seems to offer Maestro cards now, which is extremely limiting and annoying as I expect to be heading across the North Sea more frequently and hate having to carry a supply of cash.


I got a bunq account for that, as it is a big problem in NL and DE.


Thanks. I had a look at that, but the monthly cost isn’t worth it to me. Whilst I’ll be traveling more frequently, it won’t be so frequently to justify the fee over the inconvenience of cash. But yes, it’s an annoying problem though, particularly in a beach cafe, presumably targeting tourists!

I believe my wife had a similar issue in Albert Heijn, although that’s arguably less surprising as they’d target locals who have no issues getting Maestro cards.


Albert Heijn is a known hassle. Even local Dutch people grummble about them on finance forums


when trying to make a card payment by phone recently the (finance) company initially refused it as mastercard “dont do debit cards” its the only time I’ve had any issue with a non-visa card :joy:


Interestingly when I tried to pay off my Santander credit card using their online banking, Mastercard wasn’t on their list of options to pay from. I’d never come across that before.


Good idea @Joe_Merriman would love a Vida starling card.


I’ve never encountered an issue with my Mastercard debit card being accepted.

I’m thinking that TSB moving over to Mastercard debit cards (they claim to have five million customers) soon may give a kick to companies with helping them realise Mastercards aren’t just credit cards any more.


If Revolut doesn’t want to add Maestro to UK users in the future, then I hope Starling would. Please Starling! Make it happen!


What I noticed about bunq is that you can downgrade Premium to free at anytime.
Downgrading to bunq free will deactivate your cards, Apple Pay, etc…but once you upgrade to Premium again your cards and features will be activated again.


Is there an advantage to having a Visa card as well? (Just asking)


Oh certainly. Visa (and UnionPay) are more dominant in Asian countries compared to MC.


I always thought that Maestro was just MasterCard’s branding for their debit cards, the same way Visa branded theirs Delta. Is that not the case? Sounds like I’ve been mistaken all this time!


It is not the case. You are mistaken. Just as Visa have Visa Debit and VPay brands, both of which are debit cards, so MasterCard also have two debit card brands MasterCard Debit and Maestro.


Yes, when I posted it I realised I had been mistaken - reading it back it does sound ambiguous, like I was being sarcastic :smile:


I didn’t think you were being sarcastic, I just read it as a genuine thought, as I am sure many people also thought that.


I fixed my Maestro problem (thanks MIROW for mentioning bunq). Now all that remains is a Visa card, then I have all common brands (except VPay but that’s new and won’t be exclusive to a country and UnionPay…which is near impossible to get but Visa will be good enough)


I don’t see that happening. I think it’s to do with costs and mastercard is cheaper. Santander is planning to switch from visa to mastercard themselves soon.