Starling UX Team: Please complete our Survey


Hello! I’d like to introduce myself to you, I am Amber, a UX designer at Starling. I am excited to be joining the team and hope to be talking to you all on here frequently in the coming months. I am conducting some user research and would really appreciate your responses to a survey. Please click below to take the survey.

Thank you very much.


So great that you are asking for feedback.


A great idea; but almost impossible for me to complete on a smartphone as the OK button repeatedly disappeared for the keyboard icon. :frowning:


I just submitted my feedback.

Hope it helps.


Thanks for the feedback @thom_horne. Oh no, can I ask which device browser you are using? If you tap the arrows at the bottom of the screen they will navigate you to the next questions. Hope this helps.


I did mine on an iPad and that formatted correctly.


Can’t get past section 1 question C on my smartphone as no way to scroll thru questions


Chrome on a Huawei P8 Lite 2017, the arrows work, but it’s not terribly intuitive.


Firefox on BLÜ Life Mark running Android 5.1

However on same device using Microsoft Edge it works perfectly.


I completed it but I could not select multiple availability slots for next week, I could only select one of them


Hmmm… I noticed that too. Quite bizarre!


Scrolling on iPhone was random. Switched to desktop in end.

If there was an “email only” contact option I might have said yes for further questions. Sparing time for phone research is difficult for me.


Need to be able to click on URL to open in a browser. No good embedded in discourse.

Try not to put URL on its own line. Use some other text on same line to maintain hyperlink without it embedding.


Feedback submitted and great to meet you tonight @AmberRose




Here’s that link to open in a browser:


submitted on Google Chrome, same issues as above


Most interesting survey. No issue at all using it, although I admit to doing so on a pc and not a mobile or tablet.


Typeform has been in business for a little while now. I first used it just over 3.5 years ago. The best survey system I’ve seen.

The issue above was caused by discourse embedding the URL into the page and it not being usable on some mobile phone screens (due to size). Worked ok on my iPad and will work ok on a desktop screen.

My posting the URL above (so that it didn’t embed in Discourse) enables mobile phone users to open it in a mobile browser where it is fully functional.

Summary: Typeform embedded page in Discourse did not play nicely on small screens.


Great talking to you today. Have a great week. Hope the interviews and survey are useful.