"Starling User" Badge


So I just noticed on the badge page, there are Starling Employee and Starling User badges, obviously Starling Employees get the special one, but how do we get the Starling User badge?


Good question! There’s actually no automated way to get this badge. Maybe it should be removed, as I’d expect most people on this forum would fit the requirements, making it a pointless badge. :thinking: What do you think?


I agree. I think manually adding people into the group or creating a way to automatically add them in my opinion is time that could be better suited building new things or helping people in the forums etc…


I agree with Thom, saying that I would still like it, I can’t deny! :grinning:


I agree with Thom as you guys have plenty of great stuff to work on.


Totally agree that dev time is better spent elsewhere. I thought maybe there was a way I was missing.

As the starling user group increases, maybe a manually awarded super user badge could be created for non staffers who continually give good advice to new members… That I feel would be worth the additional time to manually award.


Working on something leave it with me :upside_down_face:

I’ve removed the Starling User badge not by the way