Starling to Starling Payments


It would be great to offer a similar service that Monzo already offer, where you can transfer/receive money between your contacts who are also Monzo users. It is seamless and you don’t need to enter any sort codes or account numbers, just the amount and a note if you want, that’s it!
Surely Starling could offer the same sort of thing? It would be a way to also get new users, family members and friends of existing users might like the convenience and switch over, especially if you can try to send money to a contact who is not a Starling user and they get an email with a link, they get an account and the money is in there waiting for them! The platform would almost be social, like Facebook/Twitter etc. Surely this sort of ease of sending/receiving money is what mobile future banking is all about.
I also like the thing to a lesser extent, it could be ideal for smaller amounts of money.


You’ve just described PayM which has been discussed elsewhere on this forum.


The user>user payments provided by other companies such as Monzo work a little differently. PayM requires both users to be registered for the service and relies on the service remaining active and running smoothly. This kind of payment just requires both to use the same bank. Starling could keep this in-house and would have more control over it’s uptime.

We have 3 Starling cards in our house and I think this feature would be very useful as my payees page is full of family members that I could clear up if these payments were introduced.


Exactly my view as well, far superior to PayM!


I personally fail to see how an open system is better than a walled garden.

A lot of people I have sent money to via PayM didn’t even realise they were enrolled. That’s their problem for not reading terms and conditions but take up is not an issue IMHO.

Each to their own however.


AFAIK PayM is not run by cowboys.


I didn’t suggest that it was. I was simply saying that outsourcing systems (GPS?) can sometimes be a bad choice when Starling could create an in-house system and have full control over its development and reliability.

Much like card processing, if PayM went down for whatever reason, Starling would have no control over that. If it was in-house, they would be able to find a resolution much faster.

I think that PayM is only popular at the moment as banks have failed to develop a similar system themselves; instead opting to become members of a third party system.


Having worked in IT for over 20 years I don’t agree that inherently in-house systems are more reliable than out-sourced or third party systems.

I don’t understand why people are so down on PayM. It has never failed me.


If banks decided to develop a rival to PayM they would resumably have to run it as a sepearate entity and therefore by definition a third party.


I’m no IT guru, just a customer. As a customers point of view, a system like Monzo’s, which they call Payments with Friends, which doesn’t require the customer to set up separate third party services, but just have it built into the app is far more easier and nicer to use. The app looks at your contacts and knows which of them are a customer of Monzo, its automatic, you just see a list of contacts in that tab, you click on the person and send money, job done.


I just use Circle it’s fee free and easier :slight_smile:


I’m not against an enhanced system for Starling to Starling customers. But no one I know currently uses Starling and it’s unrealistic to think it would ever come to that. Just last night I was at a meal with friends and I sent my share of the bill to the person paying by card via PayM. Only I had to do it via the PingIT app as Starling doesn’t support PaYM.

I didn’t need to ask this person for sortcode or account number and mess about setting up a payment. I already had their mobile number and their phone pinged 5 seconds after I pressed send.

Maybe if they were a Starling customer we can cut that down to milliseconds but for every thing else PayM is a good solution in my experience.


I think there is a lot of misinformation going around about Paym and it seems to be misunderstood.

First, it is really not a ‘third-party’ service; Paym was designed by the government (Payments Council) along with the big banks. It was designed for person-to-person payments that would work regardless of who you bank with and it enjoys wide support among the banks for this very reason.

Second, it’s not really a ‘payment’ method at all. It is a database linking phone numbers to names and account numbers; the payments themselves are sent using the Faster Payments service. It’s actually possible to link multiple phone numbers to the one account, for joint accounts and the like.

Finally, you don’t have to register with Paym to use it. You can send a payment to someone who has signed up to Paym from most mobile banking apps. In this case the bank looks up their account details on the Paym database and sends the payment via Faster Payments. You do, however, need to register to receive a payment so that the bank can link your number to your account details. But this is essentially what any bank system would need to do anyway, the only difference being you’re already ‘registered’. Essentially the same thing could be achieved with automatic Paym enrolment.


Completely agree with you. Paym is the “official” account numberless payment system and I would prefer it was used over a Starling designed system.

In regards to the reliability of Paym, it’s run by Vocalink (Mastercard) who also run the Faster Payments system. I would imagine both systems share infrastructure.

That being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing Paym support alongside a Starling system.


Something very similar has already been suggested and has a few other suggestions mentioned as well :wink:


A starling to starling payment can be a temporary alternative to the future implementation of PayM? I wish I could do payments by mobile number as soon as possible…


Not sure if you’ve seen our latest blog, but Starling-to-Starling payments are in the works :slight_smile:


Just read it! Cheers to a great 2018!


Otherwise known as a walled garden.

AOL anyone?


This will likely be similar to etc. Not sure how that’s walled? However if it’s not I agree.