Starling Support (Twitter page)


Ever thought about a “Starling Support” Twitter account to run alongside the main one.

It can deal with customer queries but also, and more importantly, send out down time messages.

If you set up that account to get alerts on tweets then the user will get these notifications whether they are on iOS, Android or even the desktop.


I can see the appeal but not everyone uses Twitter. I would prefer to be notified by the Starling app if something was going on.


Definitely a great idea. It really impresses me how some companies are so quick at resolving issues I’ve tweeted at them.


As I understand it, statuspage was being used but isn’t any longer. Both in-App and Twitter are good ideas. As is statuspage.


They have this status page

You can subscribe to updates also


For me Twitter would be more productive plus you can interact with the account.


I am sure like me many people do not use Twitter!


You don’t have to be a Twitter user in order for this to be a valuable channel in which an organisation can get information out.

I’d say in-App would be best. Would be good for statuspage to be used.


In App is far better than Twitter!
Twitter is just something else to be opening etc

I really like the Starling App compared to Monzo, so in App gets my vote 100%


You don’t have to open twitter to get a notification.


You don’t need a Twitter app.
You don’t even need to look at it if you don’t want to. (Similarly, I never use FaceBook, but loads of people do)

The point being made is that it is an effective channel of communication. Just because you don’t use it doesn’t mean it’s not useful.

As I said. In-app message preferable.


Starling does have a Facebook page…

They post everything BUT status updates. It never posts them. That can change though.


I’ve this morning written a quick and dirty Python script that will email me when a new update is posted to the status site. I’m more than happy to pass it on to anyone else who wishes to use it. It uses Amazon’s Simple Notification Service so you will need to be signed up to Amazon AWS to use it.


He never said it was ineffective or not useful to all, to be fair. He said he doesn’t have Twitter, like many others don’t (which is a fair point). And that he’d prefer the notification process to be streamlined and done through the App channel. Which is personal preference, and also a fair point.

Don’t recall him saying anywhere that it was ineffective. All comes down to personal preferences.


Nor do I recall that. And I’ve not said that he said that.

I’ve said this more than once. I am, in fact, in agreement with him.


Fair enough. Maybe it was just your heightened level of condescension that led me to reply.

Glad we all agree then, that in-app notifications would be the best way of letting users know.


@jesper and @Johnny
I’m aware the Team is currently reviewing the notification options.


In my posts I was agreeing with @michael_gill.

It’s all in your interpretation. It certainly wasn’t in my intent.