Starling Store


This may be a hugely cheesy idea ?! :wink:

Seen a few pics on social media of Starling Hoodies and coffee travel mugs. Have the team thought about an online store to sell branded stuff?

Might help spread the good word and set new trends at the same time :joy:


Or they could just give them out for free. Yay!


There is some really cool Starling merchandise, and it’s a cool idea, but how many people would buy it?


Hmm. I’m a bit of a sucker for stuff like this, but have managed to tick a few Starling goodies off my list already, so I probably wouldn’t buy any more


True hard to tell who might buy. I’m sure Starling devotees would snap up some goodies.

I love the idea of other reputable banks giving the proceeds to a charity.


Give them out for free. If I had a cool-looking, Starling-branded mug on my desk, I’m sure colleagues would ask questions about it :slight_smile:


I don’t think there is anything left for the Gurus to snap up, that they haven’t already got! :smiley:

@Joe_Merriman was modelling some snazzy looking socks and gloves the other day! I bet he has more too.


Do you want a list of what I’ve got? :see_no_evil:


I’d buy a starling pen but it would have to be nice. Not a cheap plastic one :joy:


Yes we do @Joe_Merriman :joy: … Precisely @danmullen that’s the idea, creates an interest.

Yeah it has to be good stuff nothing too tacky.
Could be earned too. Twitter comps, referrals etc


My merchandise:


Trying to think if I’ve missed anything


Blimey. You can start your own store mate! :joy:


Jesus. I think you should take a photo of you using and wearing as much of it as possible, in a single shot. :crazy_face:

I’m hoping they come out with a piggy bank, in the shape of a Starling, and all purple, a bit like this, but purple.


Joe could host a Starling Generation Game… :laughing:

All we need is the mandatory cuddly toy and a conveyer belt.


I don’t need encouraging :see_no_evil:


It’s really weird; a few times recently I’ve been looking to buy a few small purchases and then I get a Starling version of it before I buy them.

Starling is either bang on trend or reading my mind. :wink:

I wanted touch screen gloves and it’s part of the open evening goodies and I was looking at reusable coffee takeaway coffee mugs recently and now I have one…

Thanks Starling. :grinning:


You’ve been thinking about gloves and coffee. In this heat!? :sweat:


Stop teasing us Guru’s and let’s get these goodies available for customers :wink: haha


I got the gloves winter time at the first open evening Starling did and it’s never too hot for coffee.


Actually I think he shouldn’t :flushed: