Starling Roadmap - what features are you most looking forward to?


I thought it would be interesting to see which features people are most looking forward to from the latest roadmap. I’ve listed them below in a poll to vote for your favourite feature.

This is only focusing on improvements to the personal accounts, so I’ve left out the business features mentioned in the blog. They are listed in the order mentioned in the blog post.

The Feature List

  • More ways to pay (PayM?)
  • Transaction Search
  • International Money transfers on iOS
  • Cash deposit via Post Office
  • Improved push notifications and contact preferences
  • Enhanced app login experience
  • Short term loans for large transactions
  • Euro accounts
  • Add notes/receipts to transactions
  • Starling to Starling Payments
  • Round ups
  • Joint accounts
  • Under 18s accounts

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Some clear winners here!


Enhanced login and International Payments already delivered - many of these coming very soon indeed. Very exciting! :raised_hands:


Here’s the roadmap for anyone that’s not seen it yet! :eyes:


Yes, I forgot to take those 2 out of my list before the poll started - it won’t let me edit it now the poll is live. Is this something you’d be able to do @JamesPratley ?


No worries - I can’t edit either. :slight_smile:


How about improved app experience? Monzo is way ahead!


Yep - improved Pulse and additional financial analytics, charting and alternative date/range views.


What constitutes an improved app experience though? And I have to disagree - I find Starings app far superior in look and feel to Monzos (if that’s what you mean by app experience)


I just found that fanboying too painful to even reply to… :roll_eyes::joy:


Would love to see improved pulse, custom reporting dates based on salary, safe to spend, enhanced chat/messaging, more functionality on goals and a calendar for payments added to the list…


any suggestion for “UX improvements” should specify if you are talking iOS or Android. The experience and the expectations are very different.

I do like the Android experience quite a lot, I just wish for more functionality to find transactions.


My wish is that Android and iOS retain a different look and feel, I would not want them standardized. I hate it when firms try and make their Android app a clone of their iPhone app :frowning:


Personally I just want them to fix things or introduce things that people have been asking for that are important. For example declined/reversed transactions showing, a way to keep track of notifications. Improving the pulse.



Roundups, search, and joint accounts are the clear favourites so far (with roundups a good way ahead of the other two).

All the things I’m looking forward to - hoping that one of these arrives soon :wink:


Starling provides pretty much everything I need from a bank, but roundups I REALLY want.


they weren’t on the survey but what I miss most are:

  • the ability to see all transactions for the same merchant/payee.
  • see the non-sterling value on non-sterling transactions
  • and the ability to bind a direct debit or standing order to a goal.


I’d love that too. For the poll I just stuck to the things discussed in the Starling roadmap blog - just to limit the number of options, and see what people want most out of the announced upcoming features.


This is great to see the results - but the list is not comprehensive. My first priority need is to fix the existing features that do not work in the way they should. Categories spending insights being the number one. This is a core feature that is too flawed to be meaningful. Being able to set the calendar dates to reflect Sarah dates would be significant also. The daily spending totals are net. So if there’s multiple incomes, you have to do manual calculations to work out your daily spending. Just some examples.


Sarah dates = salary dates?