Starling Q&A


Evening All,

What’s everyone’s thoughts on Starling running a Q&A on the community?

I know that is kinda what the community is now, but it would be great to have a specific time dedicated to asking @anne and others questions :slight_smile:

Or is this a rubbish idea :joy::joy:


That’s a a great idea! :+1:
In a similar format to those on the Monzo would be interesting.


Awesome, what’s the format of the Monzo Q&A? I hardly visit their community, so I have no idea.


They introduce someone from the team (with an intro of what they are doing, interesting/funny facts about him/her, etc) who chooses to get into the “hot seat”, and the show begins. It takes place place every week.


Sounds good! thanks @MrRobot


I think if it were @anne for example, we should be able to ask the questions! Sorry, im not up to date with the Monzo community either!


I’d definitely recommend having a read! I think they recently (2-3 weeks ago?) had someone from the Customer Operations’ FinCrime division in the hot seat.


@JamesPratley can we discuss this?


I love this idea! I’ll certainly see if it’s something we can look into.


Awesome, thanks @SarahDeakin work your magic


:mage: I can certainly try!


I would really like to see this on the community @JamesPratley can we talk about this


I think this is a great idea. Could maybe have a different topic for each Q&A session to stop the same old questions being asked.


Hopefully Starling are up for this.


I agree - Monzo’s version this week featured their CEO:


Just had a look, we need to get @anne in the chair :smile:


I assume there is no interest in this then?


I think the community would respond positively to this - but we haven’t heard anything bank from members of the team.


I would love this thInk it’s a great idea but don’t we need to hear back from @anne


I’d definitely like to see things like this at Starling.