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When I pay money in to First Direct from my Starling Joint Account, the name appears as my ‘partners full name’ and then the word ‘&’ and no reference to my own name. Possible because there’s limited space and they reduce the letters, but will this show that same every other time when named as a payee? What about ‘surname & surname’ instead if this shortening? What happens if you have a long double-barrel name?

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I notice a similar thing. Money from my joint account appears as “partners full & half of my first name” which doesn’t look the best.

I wonder if there’s a way changing this depending on name on account. As some might have same surname and others willl not etc. But either way missing names or half of a name showing doesn’t look right.


It would be good if Starling listed all the acceptable versions in app, e.g. “Peter & Jane Smith”, “Peter Smith & Jane Smith”, “P Smith & J Smith”, etc. You could then choose which to display.

The same would be good for your personal account, e.g. allowing acceptable shortened forms (“Daniel” or “Dan”).


This is a great idea.


@danmullen @Ad13

We will be working to allow you to select your own account names. It isn’t high on the list, but it’s on there :slightly_smiling_face: