Starling Pass System Bug


My partner signed up using the pass I supplied, all went well his account is up and running. Why did one of the Starling invite hearts not light up?


Speak to CS I’m sure they will be able to sort this out for you.


I had the same issue, Michael. I reported it via in-App chat.

I they wouldn’t confirm if the referral system was working or not. They would not confirm if the referral worked for my partner, saying she had to contact them. When she contacted them they wouldn’t talk to her saying the request had to come from me.


We were. So then they said they would refer it to engineers but wouldn’t indicate any timescale, not even “days” or “weeks”.


That’s what I tried two days ago. They’ve been very difficult to deal with. It’s as though they don’t want to hear about a problem with their app / campaign.


We are not interested in the Black Friday event, I was just curious as to why one of the hearts did not light up.


I think the referrals system has a bug in it. It all worked fine back in Aug/Sep when I referred people.


Well these things happen, it’s not the end of the world, my partners account is working fine so having a heart light up makes no difference I guess


It might make a difference for those that are trying to participate in the promotion, though? Difficult to say as CS are not forthcoming on the query.


Just spoke to CS and it’s sorted and the app heart was sorted.


I don’t understand how they help you so quickly yet don’t help me when I highlighted the problem?

Did they say what the reason for the issue is?


I never asked what the issue was I just explained my partner signed up yet the heart was not lit in my app

(07:16:07 PM) James: Hi there Michael! Anne has stated she is giving you a star👍


Ah well, pleased it’s sorted for you. :+1:

I’ll wait.


I’m glad it’s sorted @Michael_Gill


@Joe_Merriman sorted quickly, no fuss just excellent service


Nicely done. :slightly_smiling_face: