Starling Pass limit?


I have used 4 out of 5 Starling Pass codes and wondering what would happen after iv used the 5th one,

Would I get more codes to use or would that be it?

I believe if the limit for Starling Pass could be lifted it would enable us to get a lot more people onboard to Starling Bank


A hero! Well played, that man :sunglasses::grin:


Good suggestions! This is being discussed in the team and I’ll be sure to check up on it next week. Thanks :star:


Hi @nasimrahman. We can now reset your limit after 5, feel free to contact our customer service team about this if you’d like to reset yours :slight_smile:


Would it be good if every time you hit five, it brought you a different level - each coming with their own name…?


Any plans for another giveaway?

I would love a Starling mug to match my t-shirt! :heart_eyes:


thats awesome!



That’s along the lines of what I am thinking… !


Starling umbrella would be a great marketing tool especially as were coming to the winter months


Nice thinking folks, I like it!