Starling Partners with Vocalink



Thanks - we’re pretty excited about it too! It just goes to prove that the future of the payments industry relies on good cooperation. :nerd_face:


What does this mean for Starling users?
(probably due to ignorance it’s really hard for me to make sense of that Vocalink article)


I’m also not 100% sure what it means. For Starling customers I think it means nothing? This is more about Starling selling it’s infrastructure to third parties for interbank transfers?


I think this reinforces our conversation yesterday about partnerships between companies. Which is why you don’t throw your partners under that bus when things go wrong :wink:


Ha! For me that conversion was more about reassuring customers that things are being put into place to stop a problem from happening again whether an internal or external problem but we’ll agree to disagree :smile:


Personally, I don’t want Starling to throw anyone under the bus. I just want something along the lines of “this happened, we don’t think it’s acceptable and this is what we’re going to do to prevent it happening again in the future”.

Right now, the only thing I can assume is that Starling will be doing nothing to mitigate the risk in the future. I’m sure they’re not happy it happened and have had words with the supplier, but that doesn’t mean much without reassurances.


I cannot think of any company that offers the level of transparency you seek to its customers. And the reasons they don’t are commercially obvious.

Certainly they should let you know when things are broken. And ideally progress reports are issued by their incident management team. And finally, they let us know when it’s fixed.


You can’t think of a single company that aren’t upfront with its customers when there are issues and how they plan to avoid them in the future?

From experience; Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, among many others are pretty up front. Are they banks? No. But if people wanted just another bank there’s a ton of options.


If I may, it’ll be handy if this topic about Partnerships doesn’t morph into yesterday’s well played out thread around transparency. But that’s just me. :slight_smile:


I’m with you on this one