Starling on the Martin Lewis Money Show Live


Nice promo!


Yep just seen that on TV for using your card abroad free by purchases and atms.


Well done Starling, you can’t get better advertising than Martin Lewis!


Not sure if I should smile, laugh or, be ashamed… I have those three cards :frowning:


And he’d choose Starling over Monzo! Quite the feat tonight, Starling.


Martin Lewis has serious influence, this is freaking awesome! App Store downloads to skyrocket tonight!


I hope Starling can cope with the influx of new customers. I no longer watch his show since he sold the company, but he does have a lot of influence, so it’s all good publicity.


I just hope that the ATM overseas are not compromised if there is a large influx of customers- don’t want to end up like Monzo did - long waiting list & a small % ruin it for everyone else.


according to their podcast they are always stress testing their live system to be sure they can cope with sudden growth



For travel, yes.

Also said no reason to ditch Monzo if you have it :wink:

Awesome publicity for Starling though :raised_hands::raised_hands:


Anyone would, due to that hideous coral colour alone. It goes further and further back in my wallet, i think it’s now behind both my Starbucks card i havent used in 3 years due to always using the app, and my Pets At Home card that i never use because it doesnt actually seem to achieve anything other than telling them what you buy. It’s still in front of my Walgreens card i can only use when i’m in the states and my entry pass to CBS television village in LA from 2006, but if i get any more ashamed of the card it may end up behind those too… :joy::joy::joy:


And skyrocket is has indeed :rocket::raised_hands:t2:


It all depends whether they have tested to the correct levels. If demand outstrips there testing limits then it could cause issues. I hope not as I like Starling.
It’s a bit like a supermarket saying they have plenty of stock of a certain product line & sell out within minutes of opening.


They still often take hours to reply to in app chat, that’s without a large influx, so lets hope they can keep up.


I’m wondering how many of those are business current accounts :neutral_face::thinking:


Still, I find him as intensely annoying as Simon Calder.


Wow congrats to Starling for finally getting more than a thousand people signing up in a day.


I pity all these new users who won’t know the awesome swipe-up transition on android


Lets see whether they spend all their time coming on here whinging about the green button like they had nothing else left in their ‘first world problems’ list to complain about, or just get on and use the bloody thing…