Starling on both iOS & Android


My main phone is an iPhone 7 but I have just bought a Galaxy S8 as a second phone.

Is it ok to use Starling on both operating systems with the same account?

I know Starling has slightly different features on each OS at the moment and I was concerned that changing something on one OS could break the app on the other!

I’m guessing the apps are mostly just API clients so it should be fine?

If someone could confirm.


I’ve been using mine on iOS and Android since opening and never had any issues.


And I, Ben (but had to leave the rooted model in the drawer😊).


Great. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


What OS are you liking the App on most?


I’m using the iOS version most so am leaning in that direction. I’ve got fingerprint ID on the iPhone so it’s easier in that sense.

I’m curious though about the Android app.
I guess it’ll be interesting to revisit down the road when the account is out of beta.


I prefer the iOS app so far.