Starling on BBC Radio 4's Banking on Change


I’ve just found out that we should be featured on BBC Radio 4’s “Banking on Change?” programme tonight. Hope you’ll be tuning in with us! :smiley:

Customer numbers

I’ll try, If not I’ll play it back on iPlayer. Thanks :+1:


Am off on the way to Reading currently; will definitely listen back on iPlayer if I can’t listen live though.


I work in Reading and grew up there so make sure to wave.


I’ve been slowly collecting all the BrewDog bar stamps, I rather liked the Reading bar.

I even had a few games on the Ghostbusters pinball machine. :grinning:


I didn’t know there was a brew dog in reading.


Yep, it’s on Castle Street. I had a pretty good time and tried a good few beers. :wink:


Interesting… according to the above programme Starling have around 200,000 customers.