Starling now integrated with Moneyhub


You can now link Moneyhub direct with Starling. This also applies to Monzo as well. Saves on manual input😁


it gives me an error on moneyhub after approving the link on starling :cry:


£25 a month! No thanks!


It’s £10/year. A business account is more.


Thanks. it must be cheaper for individuals. The prices I looked at were for business

Even so. I would not pay it. I would stick with Emma or Holt, and wait for them to develop as ultimately they are all doing similar yet not all charge


They claim the charge is because they don’t sell your data to third parties.


99p a month, or £9.99 for a year.
From the sign-up page:


for businesses the aggregator is the accounting software… mine (freeagent) doesn’t support Starling :cry:


I’ve signed up.
A couple quick impressions:

  • Overall nice design, feature rich, rather intuitive app.
  • No support for Starling Goals, so the money doesn’t appear in the account and transaction to Goals look… Weird. As in, they get odd labels.
  • Support for many different accounts. Sadly, no Vanguard. :frowning:
  • Budget is by calendar month, no support for payday months.

In summery, cool app but needs some work. We’ll see how it evolves over the coming months.


Interesting. thanks for the info. I think lack of goal support would be a deal breaker for me


@YellowandGreen are you from MoneyHub’s team? If so, could you please address the Goals issue? :slight_smile:

Edit: Either way, I’ve reached out to support via their app, and will update here on their response.


After trying using moneyhub from chrome (on android) instead of the app the connection worked \o/


It is possible to add a Starling goals account manually but when you think about it; the whole idea of goals is to put money aside and forget until a goal is reached.

If you transfer money from a goal into your main Starling Current Account from a goal the money will appear.

No I’m not anyway associated with the Moneyhub team. Just used it for a while.


from what I’ve seen here people wants to use goals as jars to pay monthly bills, as sub-accounts for expenses instead of saving jars for holidays. then it becomes obvious that you need the balance to count because you’ll have a matching expense


You can set up Goals manually as saving accounts or an individual Goals net total account and adjust the figures as and when you want.

Each transaction to and from goal accounts are searchable.


Just noted all Goals are now visible in Moneyhub, so looks like there is now full integration of Starling with the app.


Just started using Moneyhub this week, and in my humble opinion, it’s the best aggregator. Given that they don’t sell your data and their excellent feature set, it’s definitely worth more than 99p/month or £9.99/year, which are the subscription models currently offered.


is Wortgore a character from Harry Potter?

assume you mean “worth more”


Yep - “fat finger syndrome” :smile:


the worse thing I find is not only do I misstype adjoining characters but then the predictive text totally mangled my sentences by changing the word to something completely different