Starling milestones: Summer 2018


Good morning all!

Just sharing one of our latest blogs here which includes the full “Appdate” of what we’re working on at the moment. We’re hoping to share updates like these more frequently to keep you in the loop on our latest achievements. Enjoy! :palm_tree:


@JamesPratley is there any substantial update on the various features that have been requested and discussed over the last year (or more)? I’m thinking:

  • Round-up feature
  • Accounts for young people
  • Simpler transfers between Starling users
  • Upcoming Direct Debit notifications
  • Accounts for businesses with more than one PSC
  • Euro accounts
  • PO cash deposits
  • Loans

Some of these hark back to the roadmap published in June 2017. I’d like to see more regular comms - not necessarily expected delivery dates if you aren’t ready or unable to reveal that info - but an update on progress and perhaps a sneak peek to enable the community to provide feedback during the development process.


Don’t forget notifications!


Mine isn’t an exhaustive list - just the stuff I could think of off the top of my head! :slight_smile:

I would add being able to receive payments in other currencies, e.g. USD. I’d like Starling to convert incoming foreign payments to GBP, the same way they do with Euro payments.


I think that is a sensible idea - a list/database of community suggested ideas… Maybe with the progress/consideration by Starling…?


I quite like that idea. No expectation of adoption, but a record of suggestions and Starling comment as appropriate.


You’ve got it @Graham


Looking into things at the moment :slight_smile:


Direct Debits from Goals!?


Joint account functionality to mirror single accounts?


I agree, this is stuff we already know. Things like roundup, DD from goals, custom month dates that are useful to everyday users interest me more.


Quite aware of this! :see_no_evil:

Just wanted to share with the Community as it’s been a request that we share our blogs on here too. We love your enthusiasm, but not all visitors to the Starling Community are as clued up on Starling as you might be - in fact a large number of people find this forum organically. Let’s make sure to keep this space open to newbies too! :smiley:

That said, we might be pretty close to having some announcements on loans… :upside_down_face:


It says in the blog that the daily mobile wallet limit is £500. It says in-app (on Android) that the limit is £500 but in other topics on here it’s stated that the limit is actually £2500 or £10000 and the in-app amount is wrong.:thinking:


Posted this a week ago…

A little less raging than last time, but i’m still sympathising with you… :wink::joy:


I would love to see the ability to receive payments in USD, particularly for business accounts