Starling Marketplace


Hi all, so as you may know we are currently working on building out a Marketplace section within the Starling app! :grin:
Here is an overview of what we are planning for those who are interested, but it would be great to get some initial thoughts and feedback from the community. Feel free to share your ideas on:

  • which type of partners or products you would like to see within the Marketplace?
  • how likely would you be to use a new/existing Partner service via the Starling app?
  • how do you think that our Partners should be presented to users in the Marketplace?
  • anything else?!

✅ Sneak Peek: Marketplace
Market place

I’m looking forward to @TailOffers and I’m sure transferwise will be popular. I’m very likely to use a partner service from within the app as long as there super easy to find and categorised!

As to how we should be presented within the app, I’m not sure on that yet.


What about RateSetter integration?


I’d be keen for there to be more seamless integration than I’ve seen in other apps. If the Starling app is just going to redirect me to another app, I’d not find that particularly useful.

I guess it depends on which way the information is going to be used. Is a 3rd party going to draw on Starling data, or is Starling going to draw on the 3rd party data? Or is the intention for it to go both ways?


I’d love to see a YNAB connection!


Same, budgeting in Starling might be great for some but there are two of us managing money in this family and have cashback credit cards, all of which would fall outside of anything Starling have/will have. Integration with a fully fledged budgeting app would be great.


I’m very intrigued by the starling marketplace.

Bearing in mind that other fintechs all create their own bespoke UI whether by app or web interface, with the marketplace will you be aiming to integrate services fully so as to negate these apps, or will the integrations only allow for basic interactions like transferring funds and viewing of balances?

Services I’d love to see would be PensionBee, Nutmeg, Wealthify, masthaven.


Thanks for all the feedback so far, I can tell you that we are working or planning to work with many of the Partner mentioned, more to come soon :see_no_evil: In the meantime some exciting news is that MoneyBox have just integrate Starling into their app (its on iOS now and Android tomorrow) for anyone interested in testing out an external integration of our API! :tada:


Superb! look forward to giving this a try! @Cecilia_Highley


So far just Flux is ready but it’s usefulness is zero right now with just 2 retailers signed up and you have to be in close proximity to their London location. Might be useful going forward but maybe should not have been prioritised to add yet


Hey @plz_consulting - have you seen this?


Hi, thought some of you might be interested to know that we just received our Variation of Permissions letter from the regulator, granting us a set of permissions which will enable us to build out our Marketplace of financial services within Starling! :raised_hands: :tada: This means that we can start adding a variety of Partners into the Marketplace in the upcoming months, such as Savings products, Insurances, Mortgage Brokers etc.
If you’re interested in learning more, our Chief Platform Officer Megan has written about it in a blog post here.


Cheers! Will take a read.


This is cool. And already I see other “apps” on Facebook saying see you soon etc… Really cool.


Now that’s exciting stuff. All these developments going on behind the scenes.


Heya! Well excited about the progression news! Well many of the items already mentioned I would use.

  • Mortages
  • Savings
  • Pension
  • Retail related: loyalty, cash back, e-receipt etc
  • Transferwise (and similar for moving assets abroad)

A few others ideas could include:

  • Wills (have raised previously),
  • Transport International (when you go abroad you could use local infrastructure like at home. You use your Starling card like it’s a local travelcard - basic principle). May be a bit out there…
  • Budgetting apps (has been mentioned :wink:)
  • Spending amalgamations like Yolt

Think presentation needs to feel integrated (no diversion outside of Starling app), uniform (all third party link experiences look similar) and streamline (make use of data to speed up experience / direct to correct or required product each time). Other important considerations, ought to allow multiple similar products / business to compete in marketplace to help consumers get the best.

Great Work Starling, keep growing!


Can I specifically request you dont let “pay day” lenders in…


I hope they won’t either. The marketplace doesn’t have a ‘loan shark’ category :joy:. In fact, they don’t have a category for any borrowing beyond mortgages at the moment.


I doubt they would let payday lenders in. Starling have said they are aiming to help people manage money better. Allowing payday loan sharks in is the complete opposite of this.


Payday lenders are a NO, NO. Starling wouldn’t associate themselves with that anyway.