Starling Marketing Channels


They tweet mainly about charitable stuff and colleague initiatives and they have a dedicated support profile. They don’t overdo it with business posts and don’t shout about features (possibly because they don’t have many to shout about? Never banked with them so I might be wrong)


Maybe i’m alone in this but i’d kinda just expect them to plug whatever they’ve just launched. Today it’s business accounts as that’s what they’ve just launched. The next major launch they have the focus will switch to that…

When they launch joint accounts I hope all the singletons out there will spend weeks railing that the starling twitter is plugging accounts for couples, which being sad and alone is making them more miserable. No? That will just be me doing that then.

When they launch Euro accounts i’ll expect to see all of Starling’s brexiteers ranting that the starling twitter is focusing on Europe too much when we’re all looking forward to a red, white and blue brexit.

When they launch ‘green button fest’, a 3 day festival dedicated to replacing all the world’s sliding devices with green buttons, I expect to see thousands of people ranting on and on that the starling twitter doesn’t focus enough on green buttons and there’s not enough green buttons in the world because green buttons rock. #greenbuttonsrock


NO we are NOT…speak for yourself.


lol! No, neither am I. I presumed the extent to which the tongue was in the cheek would have been very obvious here…

Mind you, i am actually doing that thing people say then never stick to when it comes to it; “If X happens, i’m leaving the country” Well, i am, at least some of the year. I like my red passport too much to ditch it altogether… I’ll have a blue one too i guess.


Starling are doing a great job with their socials recently, such as this tweet!


Erm…I am.:zipper_mouth_face:


How to access your transactions… “Swipe up on your homescreen”. Really, Starling? Really? :tired_face:


They knew talk of the button would inflame the rage so just pretend it doesn’t exist…


You may be pleased to know that we’ve changed our stance and have now got a separate Twitter for Starling for Business! :slight_smile:

We’d love your follows!


Nice one!


@Cragmireuk :eyes:


Sexy use of a zed. Or zee if you’re American. :fire::fire::fire:


Fully intended, nothing to do with character limits at all! :sunglasses:


Starling highlighted on Hotukdeals again. Currently at 928° :fire:

EDIT: almost at 1̶5̶0̶0̶ 2300°. Really picking up steam!


I love the Steps with Starling campaign!

Let’s have a few of these in tube stations and such. Really spread the message :smiley:


I’m logged in but can’t add heat to it. No idea why? :frowning:

It’s currently at over 2200 heat, which is awesome. :smile:


If you can’t add heat it’s usually because you’ve already voted.


Maybe? I guess it depends how old the post is? I probably voted and forgot?


The only downside is, with all these new customers, it will probably delay us from getting our mitts the swanky new card(s) :wink:


happy anniversary @dave